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Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by BrAinPaiNt, Nov 18, 2004.

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    I have only got to see the longhorns play a couple of times as I live in the east.

    I wanted to look and see what D.Johnson and R.Wright had but each time I watched it seemed like D.Johnson was always making a play and did not hear much about Wright or see much from him....once again I just could not get over LB Johnson's play so I missed much of Wright.

    So my question is....is this guy really that good, overhyped, gets double or triple teamed because he is so good and that is why he does not get his name called.

    I asked this of Longhorn fans because they see him more.

    I asked this of the fans of the other teams because they may not see him as much but they do see him when they play and sometimes a fan of another team can give a good take on a rival teams players.

    So how about giving me some opinions on Wright.
    Is he worth one of our high picks (as it appears we will have too high picks), is he overhyped, will he be a bust, will he be good but will take a couple of years before he makes a difference, has he been reliable as far as injuries go, is he a good respectable player off the field who does not get in trouble or has a past.
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    BP... the kid is a FANTASTIC college LB... he is the real deal...

    BUT... I am just hoping he isn't the next Quentin Coryatt...
  3. BrAinPaiNt

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    Hey I was very impressed with D.Johnson...I just want to know about Wright at DT.

    Just from the little I saw of D.Johnson I would not be upset at all if we took him...I just have questions about Wright.
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    Unfortunately, Rod has been injured all season long and it has greatly hurt his play. When healthy, he's one of the Best DTs in the country. Right now, he's playing about the same level as Dibbles and sometimes even Okam.

    The only good thing about his injury is that it pretty much guarantees that he will not be leaving after this season to enter the Draft and will return to the 40 next year.
  5. BrAinPaiNt

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    Thanks for the update....So you think he will stay in school?

    Well that is one less DT we have to look at in the draft if that happens.

    At this time it seems as if the D-Line pickings will be slim in the Draft.
  6. DallasCowpoke111

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    No, not a top 10-20, but I'd think he'd have to be taken a much closer look at if he drops below that range.
    "Overhyped" is such an open-ended term, it's hard to give you legit answer here. If he were being touted as the top defensive lineman in the draft, then yes.
    And as far as him being "a bust", how can someone predict that? Although, if you go by a certain member of this forum who has an affinity for "tacky threads," you'd have to say yes, seeing as "90% of players coming out of Texas" are. [/sarcasm]
    I think this is probably the most accurate. He in all likelihood won't be an every-down, first-year starter, but I think will play his way into a position the deeper he goes into a season/career.
    This I'm not sure of, but I think as far as anything major or reoccurring, he's had nothing to speak of.
    Well, I hear from my inside sources down at the "Forty Acres," that he does call his mama at least once a week, and he was once seen stopping on southbound I35, in rush-hour traffic to rescue an injured puppy.
  7. BrAinPaiNt

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    Thanks for the good info...much appreciated.
  8. joseephuss

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    Coryatt was a product of injuries. The Colts were snake bitten at that time. Wasn't it Steve Entman or Trev Alberts that was their other #1 pick that year who also could not do anything in the NFL because of injuries? Don't know if either guy would have amounted to anything in the NFL, but due to their various injuries they never got a chance to prove themselves. Part of the game.

    It sure was a joy to watch Coryatt in college. Big hitter and could move. He would goof around and return punts during practice. Looked good doing it. I actually think Derrick Johnson looks better than Coryatt. Looks to be a little faster and to have good instincts in the passing game.

    Rod Wright is overrated right now if anyone has him in the top ten. He is a pretty good player, but has yet to be dominate. Mack Brown has never had a player leave early for the NFL. The naggin injuries Wright has had this year will probably be the reason Mack doesn't lose him.
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    i think DJ is the real real....he is ALWAYS around the ball.

    don't any local bars have satellite? i've seen every Horns game this year except for like north texas and baylor....two boring games, anyways.
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    BrainPaint, I think that Mathias Kiwanuka has Charles Haley-type potential, and he might be a great pick for us... and at 6-8, he'd be pretty hard to throw over... Derrick Johnson and Kiwi would make this ol' Bear REAL happy... and there should be a really nice cornerback on the board in the second round... if not, I've gotten fixated on WR Vincent Jackson from Northern Colorado... at 6-6, 230 pounds, he's Plaxico Burress sans the rotten attitude... it might be better to go that way in the second round, rather than spending all 3 of our top picks on defensive players... I want the Boys to go get Gary Baxter from the Ravens to play CB anyway...

    But if your heart is set on a DT in the first round, take a close look at Haloti Ngata, from Oregon... he's like 345 pounds, and reportedly runs a sub-4.9 second 40... there are strong rumors that this underclassman is considering coming out, and if he does, he's a likely top 10-15 pick...
  11. calico

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    DJ is a beast who just flocks to the ball and makes big plays. I have not seen a defensive player like him since OU's Roy Williams.
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    Derrick Johnson is a better linebacker than Roy is a safety.

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