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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by tvooz, Nov 5, 2007.

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    we have 8 draft picks including 2 #1's. let's suppose we only keep 6 rookies and let's also suppose we resign flozell and we don't cut any of our 2007 rookies... which 6 veterans would you cut or not retain?

    my 6 are:

    t. glenn ( wr ) - age and injury concern
    j. ferguson ( nt ) - age and injury concern
    e. oglesby ( cb ) - need better depth
    b. johnson ( qb ) - age
    j. berger ( og ) - need better depth
    k. davis ( ss ) - too expensive for backup spot
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    what's the deal with Glenn? any news on his return? I wouldn't cut him though.
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    I think Glenn will retire

    we're not getting rid of our best special teamer, Davis

    Ferg is staying because of his contract and the fact that he's still a pretty good player

    Johnson will stick around

    Berger is gone, Proctor can play OG and C, McQ can play OT and OG, so that makes him expendable

    I think Julius walks

    we'll get a CB to replace Ogelsby

    Crayton may leave

    Nate Jones may leave

    Austin or Thompson may be gone seeing that they like Stanback as a KR

    and if we have to, we can make a decision whether to keep Hoyte or Deon Anderson and let the other go

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