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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by jobberone, Sep 14, 2012.

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    To be released mid October. The problem is I have iPhones and iMacs. I assume I lose iTunes and my apps with the Android Jelly Bean. Is there a way to get my iTunes to play on the Samsung? What am I giving up beyond the obvious and what am I gaining. I do have some Windows based computers as well. I'm switching from ATT to Verizon to get better coverage in my area. Not sure what else to say as I'm not a wiz with these phones. Thanks.
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    This is the exact same phone I am waiting on.

    I thought about the iphone 5.... But I am too enamored with swype. And I want a larger screen.
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    can't use itunes with android, but if you go to music.google.com and dl google play to your laptop it will upload everything from your itunes library to google play's cloud and stream it to your phone. if you have decent coverage it works great, and doesnt take up all the space on your phone. youll be giving up the efficiency of the iphone - the multitasking and the quickness of the OS is better than anything else i think, but youll be gaining an open platform device and all the glory that comes with it. i have the galaxy note and having a gigantic screen is awesome, ppl say its too big but its perfect for me.
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    AFAIK, the iphone doesn't multi-task.

    I have a Galaxy S3 and it can multi-task so I assume the note will be able to multi-task, too.

    My wife keeps her iTunes library on her PC. I'd assume that if you have it on your PC you could transfer it to the Android device and play it too but I am not sure as I don't use iTunes myself.

    Perhaps someone else who switched from iOS to Android knows the answer.

    Jobber, you consider the S3. The screen is pretty big and can still fit in my pants front pocket. I can't imagine being able to do that with an even slightly larger screen. You'd need to have a big or a coat to hold onto it when you weren't using it.
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    Thanks, Eskimo. I'll look at the S3 as well as the Note. I'm having problems seeing smaller items anymore even with bifocals. So I'm thinking of the bigger screen. I have thought about portability though so thanks for sharing that.

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