Looking back at our "great" drafts

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    That actually were not as great as legend has it. 1964 yes we did get 2 HOFs and one who should be= but that was it. In 75 we only got 5 guys that started for more then a couple of years. Only one great one in Randy White.
    Our 90s drafts frankly are over rated-our 89 draft was actually better. 91 we got a great one in Eric Williams and one who should have been in Leon Lett. But that was really about it. Harper and Maryland were really role players.92 was not really much better and after that drafting went into the toilet. We were lucky to get one starter and one backup after that. 98 with the Hotel and Ellis was the our best untill 2002. We got two starters there as well. 2003 we got 4 starters out of it (untill Johnson left). 2005 we got 5 starters which is the best we have ever had. Technically 6 since Petitti started the whole season but we all know why that happened.None of the 2005 draft really busted since Berriault would have remained on the roster if not for his injury. Petitti is still in the league I believe. Actually the only bust (if Petitti never really plays again)might turn out to be Burnett if he cannot stay healthy.
    There is a good chance that 2005 just might be the best draft the Cowboys ever had overall.

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