Looking back, how would you have drafted differently last year...?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Qwickdraw, Dec 23, 2005.

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    Knowing what you know now.
    Hindsight is always 20/20.

    Use this link to refer to the order of the draft. You can replace players we chose with players that were still available at each respective pick.

    Here goes.

    The players in bold are the ones that I wouldn't change and that we DID select.

    Round 1- #11:
    Demarcus Ware or Shawne Merriman
    (I'm still in the same position I was in before the draft last year. Either of these selections would have made me happy. I still stand by that.)

    Round 1- #20:
    Mark Clayton or Marcus Spears
    (Once again, same as last year. I don't think Clayton's potential has been realized yet and I'm not sure it ever will in BAL. He could have been the shifty, speedy youth at WR for years to come that we so desperately need. And he's a high character guy who wanted to play for Dallas. Spears of course is also a high character guy with his greates years ahead of him.)

    Round 2- #42:
    Lofa Tatupu
    (Liked the Burnett pick at the time. But even before our first game I got a bad feeling about his bust potential. Something just didn't seem right. Who knows. Maybe he'll still pan out. But Tatupu would have been an immediate contributor and a great replacement for Dat, now. WR Terrence Murphy to me is another unproven talent but I think he has "it". I would have considered him as well if we didn't choose Clayton at pick #20. He also wanted to play for Dallas.)

    Round 4- #109
    Trent Cole
    (I love the MB3 choice but in order to get Cole, I'd have to pull the trigger here. I see Cole as being a rising passrushing star in this league and I really liked him last year during the draft. Think he could fit in really well in the 3-4. Excellent pass rusher. We'll be seeing plenty of him across the line against Philly for years to come, IMO. Can't say I'm all that displeased with Barber though so...)

    Round4- #132
    Chris Canty
    (Best pick in the draft. Wouldn't change a thing.)

    -I was also very high on Gerald Sensabaugh who JAX drafted in the 5th round.-

    Round 6- #208
    Justin Beriault
    (Like this pick too. Still hope he wins the spot next year.)

    Round 6- #209
    Nehemiah Broughton
    (Would have rather had a true FB selected than another project OT. Thanks Petitti but no thanks. Broughton was the #1 FB on my board- big, powerful and with good hands. He was a steal in the 6th round, IMO.)

    Round 7- #224
    Jay Ratliff
    (Another great pick I wouldn't change. Although I might consider QB Matt Cassel [USC] which NE drafted. He looked nice in the preseason.

    Man we had a good draft. Amazing how many selections I wouldn't change even now with the season winding down. Any other year I probably would have change most all of the selections.
  2. MrPhil

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    As of right now, I would not change a single pick from last years draft. I am very happy with the current production of the class as a whole and I am ecstatic with the future potential of all of them.

    I will have to respectfully disagree with 3 of your changed picks:

    1. While I think Lofa is a great rookie LB, I think he is too small to play in the 3-4.

    2. No way do I change the MBIII pick.......

    3. I would also not give up a potential future starting RT as a 6th rounder for a FB.
  3. BlueStarDude

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    Kind of wish we had taken Kirk Morrison with the 2nd round pick. I had him as the highest rated ILB last year (just ahead of Thurman), and he's done pretty well with the Raiders this year. Tatupu would have been, in hindsight, a fine pick if we were still running our pre-Parcells defense, but since he was going to install his 3-4, Tatupu really wouldn't fit. Plus, one question with Tatupu is how well he will hold up after three or four years.

    Barber was just a super pick in the 4th round, though Cedric Houston wouldn't have been bad either.

    And Pettiti was a great value pick in the 6th round, no way to pass that up, even knowing what we know now.

    It would have been nice to be able to get Kerry Rhodes for free safety, but we didn't have a pick to use on him because we traded for the washed up baseball player that is our third string QB. THAT was the biggest failing of last year's draft, Drew Henson. Ugh.
  4. Hoov

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    The thing i am now questioning is the decision to go 3-4, and yes that would change the whole draft.

    We could have drafted a DE to go with Ellis, Glover, Ferguson....that would be a tough line to run on.

    Then we would be able to address other positions wr,Oline,FS,LB without needing to draft so many DLineman.

    Just think that the rebuilding would be much closer now and we would be a more balanced team. Plenty of teams can win with the 4-3, but Parcells wanted to change everything.

    Now we ned to bring in prolly 2 lb's this offseason to have a good 3-4 defense. So that will be 4 Dlineman drafted last year, 1 FA Dlineman brought in, 1 Lb drafted last year (burnett), 1 LB signed (fujita) and we still give up chunks of rushing yards in December ? so now we need to spend FA dollars or more draft pics again on LB.

    2 full offseasons to address DLine and LB. Im just now thinking what if we had more balance, think we could have built a good defense with less draft pics sticking with 4-3 since we upgraded secondary through FA. Then we really could have addressed the offense
  5. ghst187

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    I wouldn't change a pick from this past draft. Liked them all 1st-6th rounds.

    What I would go back and change is what I wanted to do in the first place....instead of Rogers and Peterman, I would've gone with Nathan Vasher. That would've freed us up from having to pony up 10 mil for Henry, who hasn't played or played worth a crap the second half of the season. I would've taken a FA FS, like the one that went to NO, I think it was Tebucky?
    I also would've taken Steven Jackson instead of trading down. Love Spears but MBIII is our best RB and I'm not sure that's gonna change next year.
    I go back and do what I wanted us to do in the first place...sign Wahle (who will probably go the PB) instead of Rivera. Then we have an all pro G ORRRRRRR we move him to Center since AJ SUCKS!
    Also, I draft a K two years ago.
  6. Qwickdraw

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    I would have definitely signed Darren Sharper at FS (which I was calling for all offseason) and Wahle instead of Rivera.

    Would have drafted QB Matt Schaub instead of Peterman and sure, Nathan Vasher instead of Rogers.

    And I might keep Marion Barber instead. You guys might have convinced me. He has played very well.

    Would have liked Ryan Moats in the 3rd round last year instead of Henson.
  7. Hiero

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    no way do we draft that person over MB3. Our team would have won much less without him to fill in for the oft injured JJ.

  8. zagnut

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    Merriman at 1a, which I was pushing for all along last year.
    Spears at 1b (Matt Jones really has looked good though - I was wrong on him),
    Burnett at 2 (He's looked better lately. I think he'll come around for next year),
    Barber at 4a,
    Canty at 4b (of course),
    Beriault at 6a,
    Petitti at 6b,
    Ratliff at 7.

    There were a bunch of 3rd rounders I would have gone for if we had a pick. Usually I have a lot more changes I'd have made in hindsight, but we had an awesome draft. What can ya do?
  9. Sitting Bull

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    Ding ding. That's who I wanted, as well, especially after NO snagged FS Bullocks in front of us. Nevertheless, this was a great draft.
  10. Hiero

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    ya i hate to nitpick but I wasnt a fan of Burnett either. I still have hope for him, but extremely annoying to have him with all these injuries not contributing.
  11. Natedawg44

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    1st Round DeMarcus Ware
    Wouldn't have changed that pick
    1st round Khalif Barnes OT- He would have solidified the right side of the line he has been very good in Jacksonville.
    2nd round Channing Crowder as a big nasty 250 lb linebacker that Burnett has not been this year
    4th round MB3 and Chris Canty No change at all
    6th round Beriault and Pettitti No Change
    7th round Jay Ratliff No change

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