Looking back on the 2013 draft

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by JJHLH1, Apr 21, 2017.

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    2013 may have been the weakest draft in NFL history. The top half of the first round has produced a grand total of 2 Pro-Bowl selections in four years. Eight of 32 teams (Buffalo, Cleveland, Denver, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Miami, Oakland, Tennessee) no longer have a single player from their ’13 draft class currently on their roster.

    At pick number 31, the Cowboys selected Travis Frederick and were roundly criticized as he was expected to go in the late 2nd or 3rd rounds. 3 Pro-Bowls and 1 All-Pro selection later Fred is now considered one of the best picks of the entire draft.

    Great article on this. The draft is such a crapshoot, which is one reason it is so fascinating.

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    Very good article.
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    Nothing but abuse from the experts for the Fredbeard pick. In retrospect a true diamond in the rough.
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    The draft isn't exactly a crapshoot. You're just better off stockpiling picks than trading them away and the HC's ability to develop talent is paramount.

    We traded down and got Frederick and picked up an extra pick. The criticism of Frederick being picked is that he was a projected mid-to-late 2nd rounder and only because he ran a slow 40-time.

    However, this was a weak draft class outside of the O-Linemen who were being drafted like crazy and if we waited on Frederick, there's a good chance we wouldn't have gotten him. And as we see, a 40 time doesn't mean much for the center position. We also badly needed a center.

    Frederick has stayed healthy and Bill Callahan is one of the very best O-Line coaches in the league. I loved the pick from the get-go after watching years of awful center play and seeing it hamstring our team. And it didn't surprise me how well Frederick turned out with Callahan as the O-Line coach and Frederick staying healthy.

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    The good news is that with the exception of QB's the 2017 draft class is expected to go down as one of the best in a long time, the exact opposite of 2013. Hopefully the Cowboys can continue their streak of getting some strong picks.
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    we reached to the moon
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    Three first-rounders are already out of football: Milliner (Jets); defensive end Bjorn Werner, picked No. 24 by the Colts; and safety Matt Elam, picked No. 32 by Baltimore. Werner has retired, citing injuries, but coming out of Florida State some teams weren’t sure he had true NFL ability. Elam was probably a reach by the Ravens to fill a need—the void left by Ed Reed. The lesson again: Draft talent, don’t chase positions.

    I hope the boys follow this advice next week, and don't reach with our prime needs at DE, CB & S. take best player available or trade down
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    Outside of RB & QB, I say take the BPA in round 1.
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    Hitting homeruns. If the trend continues the 2016 class could go down as the best individual team draft ever
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    That pick showed Dallas was ahead of the curve in an often overlooked aspect of the pick. It was thirst time a team chose to take the pick instead of trading down because they wanted the 5th year option that comes with first round picks. They knew it would be perceived as a reach but he was the last OL they felt could play right away and they cherished that 5th year option. That is something that has become routine with teams.
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    Smart trade down.
    Not that I blame SF for trading up all that much (they took Eric Reid),
    But it really worked out for Dallas getting both Frederick and T Will for the 18th pick.
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    Alot of zoner "draft pick experts" showed that they really don't know a thing that they were talking about when they critized the cowboy's trade down and Fredbeard pick........

    But what else is new. There will be a whole new slew of incompetent statements during this years draft, just as usual. Dont believe me? Dak would disagree with you. As would Demarco Murray. As would Zach Martin. As would Maliek Collins. As would a whole lot of other players.

    The sun will rise every morning. The sky is blue. Grass is green. And many zoners will make fools of themselves on draft day.
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    Did they validate themselves when criticizing the Escobar pick?

    Or only counts if you're wrong.
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    I still wince when I remember that we used a 2nd round pick on Escobar. Again, to some extent the draft is a crapshoot.
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    Ah, I love the "I'm smarter than everyone on this message board" posters. They're the best.
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    Have to admit that when we traded down to 30, and Kwan Short was still available, I was excited and assumed he was the pick.

    Freddy has worked juuust fine though.:thumbup:

    Even when we were on the clock for extra 3rd we got in the trade, I thought for sure Terron Armstead (OT) or maybe Demontre Moore was the pick.
    If it was a WR, Kennan Allen.
    But even TWill has been fine for the extra 3rd rounder.
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    I was at DC.com and most there also liked the pick.
    I liked him because he was a smart guy too, and that is partly why he has been so good.
    In 2013 it could be that the "experts" didnt draft the Dak's and Romo's, that may have been available, and instead went for
    the "Manziel's"??
    Too much emphasis is placed on how a player does in college, and does he fit the measurables , and not enough on the intangibles, and mental makeup, and how they will
    do when playing with the better players in NFL .

    I remember all the bad snaps, over romo's head, off to the side, when he wasnt ready, etc.
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    We pooped the pillow in the divisional round yet again with all the atvantages of home field and health against a team that we easily beat in the regular season ... on the road. Nobody fears Jason Garrett in the playoffs.

    Jason is a ...... loser. Nothing will change until he's gone.
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    Blah blah blah
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    Nobody fears our d. As Rodgers showed once again.

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