looking for tickets for the Dec 31st game against the Lions....

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by cowboyfan4life, Nov 7, 2006.

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    ...guys, Im coming to Dallas for my very first Cowboys game at Texas Stadium, I'm looking for seats preferably in sections 8-11 anything 20 and under or sections 26 thru 30 possibly, again im not picky just want my first Texas stadium experience to be a special one. please any interested posters that live in the area and are looking to sell your tickets please reach me at '

    cdfrese@yahoo.com thanks a ton

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    good luck trying to find those seats without shelling out some dough. Just so you know, the lower you sit near the field, the less you see. Because the arch at midfield is a few feet higher than the sidelines, you can actually lose sight of the ball and players when they are on the opposite side of the field from you. My personal favorite seats are upper deck end zone dead-center. You get the same view Jaworski uses on ESPN when he diagrams plays. It's basically the coach's film view. You see all the plays develop, who's open, who's covered, etc.

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