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    I live in Japan and don't have access to watching cowboys' games so I have just listened to them over the internet and read reactions.

    From that it seemed to me that the weaknesses on the team were that:

    1. Bledsoe was getting sacked alot or Romo had to scramble alot because of a weak offensive line.

    2. We had a weak pass rush. OK, it was better when Ellis was upright but even then the defense didn't seem to be as scary as the 3/4 switch and cart full of #1 defensive picks had promised.

    So, am I off the mark?

    Anyway, the OL has been addressed to some degree but it seems to me that we want depth at OL and we want something to make our D scary.
    Do we already have that in Davis and getting WP as coach?
    Can we draft a pass rusher or OL guy that will make a difference? Should we? The sexy picks recently are WR or CB and I believe there is alot of value there so it is reasonable. A pass rusher (and NT for that matter) in the third or fourth - is that good enough, shouldn't we looking at first or second round?

    Bottom line is I just hope we have a solid OL and scary pass rush next season but question is do we have them already or can we get them in the draft?

    cheers from Japan (via Scotland) :eek::

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