Looks like CHUCK is back for a third season

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    On Monday, NBC will hold its upfront presentation with advertisers, and reveal the pilots they’ll pick up this fall, as well as the returning shows. Early industry buzz says that things are looking great for a third season of Chuck, and a second for Amy Poehler’s Parks and Recreation. There is also some buzz beginning on which pilots are at the top of the list of shows the network will run this fall.

    On the comedy side of things, it’s looking good for a pilot called Community, starring Joel McHale as a guy who enrolls in community college after his degree is deemed invalid. Chevy Chase has been signed on to co-star in this series, making it the first series Chase will be a regular cast member on in his 40 year career (though we have seen him guest star lately on both Brothers and Sisters, and Chuck). Fans of E!’s The Soup can rest easy, though, as McHale’s rep has said that if the pilot does get picked up, it will not interfere with McHale’s hosting duties. Also gaining a great deal of praise late Thursday was 100 Questions for Charlotte Payne, an ensemble comedy about a woman searching for Mr. Right who goes to a dating service and has to answer 100 questions about herself in order to find her soul mate. The lying, and the laughing, ensues as Charlotte Payne navigates life in New York City. Sophie Winkleman has been cast as Charlotte Payne and David Walton as one of her friends who’s just been cut off by his billionaire father.

    The waters are much murkier on the drama side of the fence. Although stalled somewhat, as execs dealt with the death of drama Vice President, Nora O’Brien, who was on a location shoot for the pilot Parenthood. Despite the unfortunate incident, it looks as though Parenthood is a shoe-in for next fall, and is simply waiting for the official nod. Parenthood will be a reboot, of sorts, of the 1989 film staring Steve Martin. ImagineTV is producing this one, and the cast list includes veterans of many canceled shows. Peter Krause (Dirty Sexy Money) and Maura Tierney (ER) have been cast in the leading roles. Others include Erika Christensen (Six Degrees), Mae Witman (Arrested Development), and Sarah Ramos (Runway).

    Other drama contenders include Trauma and Mercy. Trauma is a medical procedural about a team of EMTs that stars Derek Luke and Kevin Rankin. Mercy is a series that revolves around three nurses bound together in friendship by the highs and lows of their personal and professional lives. The series will be written and executive produced by Liz Heldens of Friday Night Lights.

    Off to a rough start was Legally Mad from David E. Kelley (yes, the guy is doing ANOTHER legal dramedy), and Dick Wolf’s Lost and Found. Both shows were said to have received mixed reviews from execs at NBC. Legally Mad is a legal drama about Skippy Pylon, who is a very intelligent lawyer who joins her father’s law firm. The only problem is that she also happens to be psychologically damaged, manic, and has flashes of psychosis where she acts more like a teenager than a lawyer. Kristin Chenoweth of Pushing Daisies fame (among other shows) is set to star as Skippy.

    Dick Wolf’s Lost and Found is another female lead procedural that has Katee Sackhoff, Battlestar Galactica’s Starbuck, in the lead role. Katee will play an “offbeat” detective at the LAPD who ruffles too many feathers and gets sent into the bowels of the police station to work on John Doe cases. While both of these shows have received mixed ratings from execs at the screenings, neither should be counted out completely mostly due to the names of the creators alone. Kelley has a fan following with shows like Doogie Howser M.D., Ally McBeal, Chicago Hope, The Practice, and, of course, Boston Legal under his belt. While Wolf has the Law and Order empire and a great relationship with NBC, not to mention a great lead star in Katee Sackhoff. Lost and Found would also cost considerably less to make, and is the kind of inexpensive procedural NBC is looking for in these tough times. How many pilots NBC ultimately decides on will depend on how many of their existing shows return next season.

    NBC’s upfront presentation will be this coming Monday, where they will unveil the pilots they’re picking up, as well as the returning series, however they won’t reveal their full fall schedule until May 18.
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    There is a reason I think I watch more TBS; USA etc Series they do a better job
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    Am i the only one who doesn't want Chuch to know how to really fight?

    Somehow, it just doesn't seem right to me.
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    I kinda thought that too, but I think something will happen where he forgets it or he has to flash on something that reminds him of it to remember it.
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    The thought crossed my mind as well and I hope you're right Cajun, it just seems to go against what made the character who he is.
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    NBC would be crazy to not bring it back. I gave up watching House, one of my favorites, to watch Chuck.
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    that rumor came from variety magazine and apparently josh schwartz shot it down saying no one knows nothing.

    Even if it is announced monday that it is back we wont know which night it will be on or for how many episodes and if it will be back in the fall or the spring.

    the 18th is the day they have to announce their schedule, monday is the day they announce their new pilots they picked up and possibly what has been renewed.

    I cant imagine they dont have full disclosure on chuck though.
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    It was linked from the Chuck website. That''s where I found it. So, again, don't know how reliable "TVovermind.com" is but, I hope they are right.

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