Lost amid the shuffle was the play of the defense

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dargonking999, Dec 10, 2012.

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    It was an awesome win but there were still a lot of the same problems we've seen in the past. The Win masks those problems.
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    It was nice to see them make a play or two in the end when we needed it, but if you are honest our defense was poor yesterday. The Bengals didn't have to punt until what the 4th quarter. I know during the game I wasn't praising the defense and I doubt any of you were either.
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    Or if we had someone that could punt for more than 25 yds
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    I'm going to actually go with burmafrd here. You actually did miss the point. The point is that everything Dallas does well is the result of the other team making a mistake, and everything the other team does well is the result of either our OL or our head coach or Jerry Jones.

    This point has been made a thousand times, in every. single. thread. Not sure how you could have missed it in your own. :)

    To your OP, yes, the defense looked like it was going to get absolutely shredded in that opening drive. Then it settled into bend-but-don't break when they decided to stack the run and take their chances. It worked, though. I was *so* happy with that last defensive stop.
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    I was impressed with Tyrone Crawford. He got good pressure up the middle causing some rushed passes and was also pretty stout against the run.
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    Yeah, the D did a very good job. They're the side of the ball with all the injury problems. The O was only missing one starter.
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    I did enjoy the guts and determination of the team and would counter that some of those drops were due to the added defenders in the secondary,,, those WRs get nervous when they think a big hit may be coming from any direction.

    That being said, the Bengal's game plan was too cute by half. Apparently they thought that their strong running game vs our poor run defense would be too obvious and they saw Foles' success last week against very loose coverage a very inviting alternative path. Wrong! :D
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    What I liked is how the defense rebounded. They didn't play too stellar of a game but coming out as sloppy and undisciplined as they did (those end arounds and PAs killed us early) and stopping Cincy like the did in the second half.

    Also take into consideration how they were set up with terrible field position time after time.
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    You can say that about any close game.
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    One thing that really impressed me was Ryan's creativity -- on that last defense play, as they lined up, I was thinking "wow, Spencer is in the middle, we don't run that very much" - and bam, Spencer splits the D for a huge sack.
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    cant the "if game" be used after any game for any team?....
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    An 'excuse' if we use it for the Cowboys, but a 'cause', if used for a team we've played?
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    Yes, there were some dropped passes by the Bengals, but how about the pass caught by our CB Brandon Carr? Carr has been through so, so much this past week and a half, with his friend Jovan Belcher in the murder/suicide, and now the loss of Jerry Brown and of course, feeling for Josh Brent and the hardships he has to deal with the rest of his life, not because he is a bad man, but because he made a very, very bad choice. Our whole team had to deal with losing two of their teammates, one losing their life, the other losing their freedom(rightfully so), but Brent also lost part of his heart, part of his soul. In one instant, everything Josh had done previously in life changed. His freedom gone, his best friend Jerry Brown dead.

    Brandon has been pretty solid at moments this season, and then he's made some bad mistakes, which happens to all CB's. Seeing him make that INT, and IMO the play that changed the game, was truly awesome and uplifting to me. I can't even fathom what he's going through, and yet the guy goes out there and makes a game changing INT for us that turned into 7 points.

    Seeing him emotional after the game made me feel for not just Carr, but this whole team. They lost not one, but two teammates. Josh Brent is not a bad man, but he made a bad decision, and he has to live the rest of his life knowing he caused his best friend to die. My prayers are with everyone on this team, of course everyone that knew and loved Jerry Brown, the entire Brown family, and Josh Brent. We can't stop praying for Josh, he didn't kill his best friend on purpose. I feel so badly for him, his life changed in an instant, and that's what drunk driving can do to not only you, but other people, other families. I hope many people out there learn a very important lesson from what drinking and driving can do. It can take your best friend's life, it can take your own life, it can take the lives of an entire family. My hearts and prayers are with everyone affected, and I pray that no one forgets Josh Brent in their thoughts and prayers. That man needs it more than ever. R.I.P. Jerry, glad our Boys' were able to win this for you buddy.

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