LTN mixing it up with Bolts fans

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by Drederick Tatum, Sep 5, 2005.

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    I wasn't trying to slam were having a great conversation and were just talking football in general. And they were being cordial in return. But I went over and posted there too, and while far from trying to get into a smack fest with them I gave them reasons why I felt Dallas had a chance. And I gave them a fair amount of respect. They bristled at the suggestion that their team just might not be as good as they think. It shall be interesting to see how they get when we really start talking smack.
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    This from SDChargeHer:

    Reality is going to deal her a crushing blow.
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    Here is a reality...

    We have not won an opening day game since 1999 and that was the great OT game vs the Skins.

    I do not know if people actually realize our opening day record has been that bad since 1999.

    2000 - 14-41 loss to the eagles...A flat out beating.

    2001 - 6-10 loss to Tampa...that was a real ugly one.

    2002 - 10-19 loss to the Texans...An expansion team beat us, but it was enough to make Jerry see it was time to bring in a real Head Coach and not another puppet.

    2003 - 13-27 loss to Atlanta - arggghhh!!!

    2004- 17-35 loss to Minny - Ah another revenge day by Moss.

    So just something to keep in mind...we are not the best of late on Opening day.
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    I'm one who does not put much into what took place in the past. Don't know if we will win or lose but these past games play no part in the outcome of this game
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    I have not made one comment indicating that we will win. It is a tough opening game. But the quote I posted from ChargeHer fan shows the ridiculous expectations over there. All games will be blowouts. Going to dominate Phiily and NE on the road. Games will be like scrimmages. Number one offense and defense. Please!

    The Chargers are not the 85 Bears. Or the '92, '93 Cowboys.
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    I hope it changes this year....I hope we can break the TREND we have had the last few years. :starspin
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    Was not commenting on that...just laying out a reality about our opening day problems of late. :(
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    I think that the Bolts may have an awakening similar to last year was for us. We thought we had it done after the 10-6 season, only to realize that we weren't as good as we thought. They came out of no where, with an underachieving QB, against a less than threatening schedule. They may start believing their press and suffer a fall this year, as teams start blitzing Brees more.

    The coversation between LTN and Thunderstruck was informative and articulate, but I could not help but wonder when talking about SD's running game. why no one mentioned that Roy will be in the box to stop LT. That will be a key to the game. Moving Roy up to support the run will make a solid run defense tremendous. Brees will have to throw more than normal to stretch the secondary and open up the run. The problem with that is the new pass rush the Boyz have. I look for a lot of pressure, if not sacks, against Brees and the Boyz taking a 3 point led into half time. From there, it is about ball control.

    JJ will be the key to the offense. If he can get us good position on second and third downs, we win. If he can't, we lose. I know this is obvious, but I believe that he pick a four to five yard average per run behind our OLine. It is a solid unit and Riveria and Campbell will make the Rookie look great oon the right side.

    BTW, I feel dumb because I didn't know LTN was of the female persuasion. I guess stereotyping is in full stride. I never gave it a thought that a woman is such an expert on football. I thought women spent Sundays at the mall!
    (Ouch, the flames are burning me already!) :explode:
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    Although I have seen pictures of her....I still think she is not a woman...but instead she is a she-devil. :p: ;)
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    Uhmm, malls open at 10. If done right, you can go to to the early church service, do a lil shopping and still get home before before the game comes on at noon cst. Men!!! pffpt :rolleyes:
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    I read somewhere that women are better at multi-tasking than men. :)

    BTW, I wish I hadn't clicked on the link the the Chargers site. Those folks think they are going up against Kansas Poly Tech instead on the Dalls Cowboys! They think that Brees can throw against our "Rookie CB's" and that Roy can't play now that the horsecollar is gone.

    They also believe that we can't stop their running game and that Witten is not a threat against their LB's.

    It just got me steaming and looking forward to Sunday! :mad:
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    FYI, that forum is in the official Chargers website so it's little too heavily moderated for my taste. Plus, that forum's only been open for less than a year, so most of the users are either new or from other message boards.

    There are some good Cowboys discussions going on here at UT forum,, so I recommend visiting there for some good discussions. And, of course, there's a separate smack forum, so comments like, "you suck", "my dad can beat your dad", "your team stinks", and others similar will probably get moved to there. Other than that, feel free to join in let's talk about the upcoming game.

    Btw, one of the Skin's fan already started a thread about your team to stir the pot (well, it was actually very insightful), so join in!!!!
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    Man, looks like I brought this thread to a screeching halt :)

    Here's couple more threads about Cowboys.

    And here's the latest interview with LT in regards to his home state, Texas. Enjoy!


    Chargers All-Pro and Pro Bowl running back LaDainian Tomlinson grew up in Waco, Texas, 95 miles south of Dallas along I-35E. After a standout senior season at Waco’s University High School, Tomlinson earned a scholarship to TCU in Fort Worth, Texas. The TCU campus was just 32 miles from Texas Stadium, home of the Cowboys, and 35 miles from Cowboys Center, the team’s year-round training facility. LT shared some his memories of growing up in Texas and his childhood as a fan of the Cowboys.

    What was the first game you ever played at Texas Stadium?... “My rookie year (2001) and it was real special because you know the Cowboys were my childhood team and I had been there to see a couple of games so it was really a dream come true to be back my first year in the NFL to be playing in Texas Stadium with my family and friends there.”
    What was the first Cowboys game you ever attended?... “It was against the San Francisco 49ers when I was in junior high school and I got a chance to see Joe Montana and Jerry Rice. “That was big because even though I was a Cowboys fan, I liked Joe Montana and Jerry Rice too, along with Roger Craig.”
    Who was your favorite Cowboys player growing up?... “Emmitt Smith. No doubt.”
    Who was the first Cowboys player you ever met?... “I think it was Emmitt Smith at his football camp.”
    What was your favorite Cowboys memory growing up?... “Their first Super Bowl. Winning that first Super Bowl. I remember when they went 1-15 so that first Super Bowl was big.”
    What was the first Cowboys souvenir item that you owned?... “It was actually an Emmitt Smith football card and then later I got him to sign it.”
    How do you describe Cowboys fans?... “They’re die-hard fans. They love football and it’s kind of expected with how big football is in Texas, especially with high school and college. Their fans are very loyal, but they’re very hard on them, they’re very hard on their teams. The thing is, they’re always there and they’re loyal.”
    What was your best memory from your career at TCU?... “Our first championship during my junior year. We won our conference championship.”
    What do you remember most about Dallas-Fort Worth?... “Going to school there and just kind of growing into a man. At that time, being from a smaller city (Waco), going to a big city like Dallas-Fort Worth was eye-opening. But at the same time, it allowed me to grow into the man I am.”
    What was your favorite place to eat in Dallas-Fort Worth?... “Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen and Pappacito’s Cantina”
    Where was your favorite place to ‘chill out’ in Dallas-Fort Worth?... “There were some places my friends and I would go in Fort Worth or we’d go into a couple of places downtown Dallas or we might head into Arlington, which is right there too. There wasn’t any one place in particular.”
    What’s the biggest similarity between San Diego and Dallas-Fort Worth?... “It’s kind of a laid back city. Both cities are laid back and even though it’s somewhat big, it’s still somewhat slow-paced.”
    What’s the biggest difference between San Diego and Dallas-Fort Worth?... “Forth Worth is a cattle town. You got Cowboys that hang out, it’s a cattle town. San Diego is all about the beaches.”
    You met your wife, LaTorsha, at TCU…How’d it happen?... “I had seen her around at school and thought she was very attractive. I just decided to get to know her a little better. As it turns out, I saw her while I was out one night, we both happened to be at the same fraternity party or something and I was with a buddy from high school and I had been telling him about her and I said ‘oh my god, there she is.’ He told me to talk to her so she walked right past and I said something, I think it was ‘hello’ and it started from there and the rest is history.”

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