Lucky we didn't get him......

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by RatisBeast, Jul 22, 2004.

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    Rams | S. Jackson Down on Depth Chart - from
    Thu, 22 Jul 2004 11:43:14 -0700

    Bill Coats, of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, reports St. Louis Rams rookie RB Steven Jackson is listed down on the depth chart behind RBs Marshall Faulk, Lamar Gordon and even FB Arlen Harris. Jackson is so far behind heading into training camp that he will not walk into a position to spell Faulk, according to Rams head coach Mike Martz. "To think that any back is going to come in and alternate with a guy who's been an MVP and is headed for the Hall of Fame... without ever doing anything, is just insane," Martz said. "He missed all of spring, and then he was supposed to be here this (past) weekend and didn't show up. So, we're just going to move on."
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    (Can we *please* get rid of the 10 character min?!)
  3. adbutcher

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    I wonder what the mediots have to say for themselves now?
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    Interesting... I am a little surprised at Jackson not showing up...

    Sounds like he is already in the doghouse with Martz...
  5. Danny White

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    Isn't he with the Poston twins?
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    He does not fit in their offense IMO, I always thought it was a weird pick for them anyway.
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    Feel bad for him - he needs to find a wife who'll call the local sports shows and vouch for him.
  8. blindzebra

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    Isn't he being handled by the Postons? That is why he is not there. They want top 5 money for him. Which was one of the reasons we were NEVER looking at Jackson.
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    Danny, Jackson is represented by an agent named Rocky Arceneaux.
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    I totally agree.
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    Well Marshall has had a few good years so far. (% Did the kid think he would start right out of the gate? Here he would have had Ham as a challenge. I write this with a straight face but this would have been a good place for him to land. Thats the name of that tune.
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