News: MacMahon: Jerry Jones ignoring the real issue

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Risen Star, Jan 10, 2013.

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    There's another thing that obscures how bad it has been.

    The Cowboys have an enormous financial advantage over most of the league, especially now with the new stadium. Jerry as a businessman has done a fantastic job - with Parcells' and the city of Arlington's aid - in giving him hundreds of million$$ to play with as a GM.

    If Jones has to eat a contract with a huge signing bonus because he misses on a free agent, the biggest worry for him is renegotiating someone else's contract to lessen the cap hit. If a team like Buffalo or Cincinnati has to do that, it's a crippling blow. Those kind of teams have only a fraction of the $$ avaliable to spend that Jones does. Considering Jones' almost limitless resources as a GM, it's pathetic that he could go 15 years with a .500 record in spite of such an enormous advantage.
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    The Ring Master strikes again. He can not GM a team past .500 but he can make headlines.

    Look what Jerry has articulated since going 8-8 a week ago...he has kept Dallas in the spotlight and diverted all the negative talk to positive spin.

    He panicked again and went after the biggest name he could find in hopes of diverting the blame into a shinny new beginning.

    Dallas ran a 4-3 Tampa 2 under Mike Zimmer in 2002. Then it was a 3-4 a la Bill P. Then it was the 3-4 under of Wade, then Wade personally had to run the defense because it didn't deliver. Then it was Ryan's 3-4. Now ten years later, its back to the 4-3 Tampa and 4 Head Coaches later, 5 Defensive Coordinators later and 4 defensive schemes. All that in 10 years. Its a rudderless ship in terms of team identity and personal but Jerry can always sing "Tomorrow".
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    The same Jerry Jones that brought back Dave Campo is the same Jerry Jones that hired Garrett. The Garrett homers just don't want to admit that the same rules of 'foolishness' that apply to other coaches is the same' foolishness' that went into the hire of Garrett. Instead, they make all sorts of excuses for Garrett, such that he is 'hamstrung' and is being held back, despite his whole family being in this organization.

    I mean Jason Garrett's spin of 'process' and 'continuity' can further be cemented as just another huge excuse for his ineptitude. Injuries to Ryan's defense were not an excuses, but during the season, JG was high and mighty about how the loss of Murray was hurting the offensive production.

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    Maybe its because I am getting tired, but I read the above line and was actually laughing out loud and couldnt control it just now. Very funny stuff.
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    to use Jerry's money he was in a middle of a divorce

    he had no other options

    nobody want to hire tired ole Bill

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