Madden 07 PS2 owners READ!

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    a friend is creating an online franchise league and each team will have: Head Coach, General Manager and Owner. Of course im the Head Coach of the Cowboys but if you want to be part of my staff i will let you play games so you can have fun, and the manager and owner will have to do trades, manage cap, look for FA and do the Draft. We also will have AAA its like a league for players that suck or rookies, for example i can send Skyler Green to AAA and "develope" him and then he can make the real cowboys, or you can develope a FA. The owner or manager can be the AAA Head Coach and he will play AAA games so i just need two more people that want to help me out in this franchise.

    General Manger and Owner

    if you want to join plz AIM me at ShuyVelasco or send e-mail to


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