Madden 25 shows no respect for Dez and others in rankings

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Nirvana, Aug 27, 2013.

  1. CashMan

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    I thought it was a little odd that the Cowboys 1st rd pick, is rated like 68, where their WR rookie is like 73.

    I like to play GM and simulate rather than play each week, sometimes. Has anyone figured out how to simulate multiple weeks? ATM, I am simulating week by week, which is taking a lot of time. Also, resigning players sucks, it adds the signing bonus on top of their salaries, because of this, I overpay players. I resigned Lee to a six year deal, and ended up paying him 7mill a year.
  2. BraveHeartFan

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    These games have been essentially the same for years. They tweak things but in the end the games wind up being just as easy, and boring, as the previous year.

    I know they change the movements and such to make it a little better all the time but really that's not worth another 60 dollar investment each year. You're basically paying 60 more dollars each year for updated rosters.

    The movements are better with some nice additions and what not but the AI is never good, or any better like they claim. Every year you can find 3-4 plays and run them over and over and over and the defense simply can't stop them.
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  3. CashMan

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    I think they included the NFL package because they knew it was a sucky game this year. The only reason I bought it was for that.
  4. CyberB0b

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    We paid a $30 premium for it, so it isn't like they threw it in for free. They get plenty of money off the title.
  5. BraveHeartFan

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    Yeah I could see doing it for that. Especially if you can take the game right back and get a 45 dollar return on it like the guy above was saying he was going to be able to. It would be worth it for that I'd imagine but the game itself would be just like every other Madden for the last several years. It would be cool and fun for about 6-9 games of the first season you play and then it would be BORING and it would go on the shelf and never touched again.

    I stopped buying Madden in 2010. I bought it the first year I got my Xbox 360 and after that I had it loaned to me because every single year I'd play it for a couple days and then the game would go on the shelf and I wouldn't even consider putting it back in and would instead play a Battlefield or CoD game or something.
  6. CowboysLegend365

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    They want his rating higher because he's had a "good camp" with us lol
  7. erod

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    Heard this game is a major disappointment in several ways.
  8. fortdick

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    What difference does it make what some dweeb writing code thinks? Madden is not football. It is a video game. Why do threads like this even get allowed in here?
  9. tupperware

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    For the same reason threads about completely other teams go into the fan zone. It may be a video game, but the main topic was discussing Cowboy player ratings.
  10. FiveRings

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    Anyone else with Madden on PS3 that had a freezing problem? Apparently it was the first update that was causing it (that to my knowledge, was made to fix the disappearing players problem in the demo) and it made everything slow and laggy, and every time you would try to load a game or game mode, it would freeze. If you delete the update, and play the game without it, it should work, but you can't play online without the update. A huge let down, once again from EA. Bunch of morons, I want 2K football back.
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  11. Muhast

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    When they removed the soundtracks, create a team, ability to create multi players option last year I was livid. Not buying it until black Friday when it will cost $20 bucks
  12. jblaze2004

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    lance dunbar went up on the last update. now 90 speed, 94 acceleration, 92 agility. Let's go cowboys.
  13. Irvin88_4life

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    Yea Dez catches everything even triple teamed. I threw a strike to Dez on a post, the lb had his backed to the qb and Dez one handed it between lb, cb, and safety. Was beautiful and very real.
  14. Section444

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    Same problem here, can't even play a game with the patch installed. Just uninstall it, and it will run fine.
  15. Afigueroa22

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    Haha that happened last year too.
  16. fortdick

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    No, this is not about the Cowboys, it is about a cartoon on a computer screen. Unfortunately, a lot of people around here get their football knowledge from there.
  17. tupperware

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    Dude, it's about the Cowboys. If you don't like that, it's fine, but you don't get to decide what goes where. Jerseys aren't football either, they're clothing. You'll still find threads on that in the fan zone. You'll also find Sunday Ticket threads in the fan zone. You'll find threads about players from other teams in the fan zone.

    The title should have told you all you needed to know about the thread, so that you could avoid it. Since obviously, you don't care for cartoons on a computer screen.
  18. Wheeltax

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    The rosters get updated every week during the season - I would expect some of those numbers to change. I was noticing the same, though, going through the Dallas roster.

    The biggest gripe I have with the Madden games - and it seems like they cranked it up this year even from Madden 13 - is the freakin' CPU catch up. On Pro difficulty, it's like the CPU will do everything it possibly can to prevent you from winning by more than one score; I was playing Dallas at KC last night and was up 14-0 at the half, then suddenly through the second half I could not stop their RB, could not catch anything, and could not penetrate their OL and ended up losing 14-21. Frustrating, and there's no apparent way to turn it off. I want to be able to hang 30 on somebody now and then without having to go down to Rookie difficulty.

    Edit: And on that note, I noticed that Kansas City's team rating is better than Dallas's. Boggle.
  19. The Natural

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    Player movements on this game are straight arse
  20. Pessimist_cowboy

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    I miss nfl 2k games
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