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    Its pretty simple, if you don't care, hit the back button.

    Dallas Cowboys Overall 87
    F. Adams LT Crushing Run Blocker
    T. Owens WR Quick Reciever Stiff Arm
    T. Glenn WR Hands
    L. Davis RG Crushing Run Blocker
    R. Williams SS Big Hitter Brick Wall
    T. Newman CB Shutdown Corner Speed
    J. Witten TE Possesion Receiver
    K. Hamlin FS Big Hitter
    M. McBriar P Big Foot
    P. Crayton WR Hands
    M. Barber HB Power Back
    D. Ware ROLB Big Hitter Finesse Move

    Washington Redskins Overall 81
    M. Washington LOLB Brick Wall
    R. Thomas RG Pass Blocker
    L. Fletcher-Baker MLB Brick Wall Smart LB
    C. Samuals LT Crushing Run Blocker Pass Blocker
    J. Jansen RT Crushing Run Blocker
    S. Moss WR Speed
    C. Portis HB Elusive Back
    B. Llyod WR Spectacular Catch
    S. Taylor FS Big Hitter
    C. Rogers CB Press Coverage
    L. Landry SS Big Hitter

    New York Giants Overall 81
    M. Strahan LE Power Move
    R. Droughns HB Power Backs
    P. Burress WR Spectacular Catch
    A. Pierce MLB Brick Wall Smart LB
    J. Shockey TE Possesion Receiver Quick Receiver
    O. Umenyiora RE Finesse Move
    B. Jacobs HB Power Back

    Philadelphia Eagles Overall 87
    T. Spikes ROLB Big Hitter Brick Wall
    D. McNabb QB Cannon Arm
    W. Thomas LT Crushing Run Blocker Pass Blocker
    J. Runyan RT Crushing Run Blocker
    J. Trotter MLB Brick Wall Smart LB
    B. Dawkins FS Big Hitter Smart Safety
    J. Kearse LE Finesse Move
    L. Sheapard CB Shutdown Corner Smart Corner
    B. Westbrook RB Elusive Back Hands
    K. Curtis WR Speed
    S. Andrews RG Crushing Run Blocker Pass Blocker
    T. Hunt HB Power Back
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    Looks about right.
  3. Vintage

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    Madden Rankings of some players.

    46 second mark has Newman, but I can't make out his ranking...

    The first few seconds, you can see THE SHAWNE MERRIMAN!11!!!!!1!11
  4. theogt

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    Proof That Barber Is Better!!!!!! Proof, I Say!!!!!!
  5. Vintage

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    Its a 17 minute video...

    So I am going to watch it and see if I can post the Ratings of Cowboys players....if they show it team by team.

    Edit: maybe not...the print is so damn small and fuzzy.
  6. DallasEast

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    Overall by team:

    New England Patriots Overall 97
    San Diego Chargers Overall 95
    Indianapolis Colts Overall 94
    Chicago Bears Overall 91
    Baltimore Ravens Overall 90
    Seattle Seahawks Overall 89
    Denver Broncos Overall 89
    Pittsburgh Steelers Overall 88
    New Orleans Saints Overall 88
    Cincinnati Bengals Overall 87
    Philadelphia Eagles Overall 87
    Dallas Cowboys Overall 87
    Jacksonville Jaguars Overall 86
    Carolina Panthers Overall 85
    New York Jets Overall 84
    St. Louis Rams Overall 83
    San Francisco 49ers Overall 82
    New York Giants Overall 81
    Washington Redskins Overall 81
    Green Bay Packers Overall 80
    Kansas City Chiefs Overall 80
    Atlanta Falcons Overall 80
    Miami Dolphins Overall 78
    Detroit Lions Overall 76
    Arizona Cardinals Overall 75
    Minnesota Vikings Overall 74
    Tampa Bay Bucs Overall 74
    Tennessee Titans Overall 73
    Cleveland Browns Overall 67
    Buffalo Bills Overall 67
    Oakland Raiders Overall 67
    Houston Texans Overall 67
  7. Vintage

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    If I read it right, Pat Watkins has a 96 Jump. So does OLB Gerris Wilkinson from the Giants...
  8. Vintage

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    Isaiah Stanback has 93 Throwing Power...

    And I didn't see Romo listed in the top 10 or so for throwing power or accuracy. Methinks Romo isn't going to be rated highly. Leinart, Schaub, Kitna, Brad Johnson must be listed more accurate than Romo because Romo wasn't listed....As is Whitehurst, Delhomme, Huard, Griese, Smith, Grossman.
  9. Vintage

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    Newman fans, rejoice.

    Newman is tied for 4th best.

    Champ is at 1st, with 100

    Al Harris is 2nd....with 98? I can't quite tell

    Nate Clements is 3rd, with 96? I can't quite tell if 96 is correct.

    Newman is 4th, with is Lito Sheppard.

    This is just man coverage ratings; not overall.

    At the 16:10 Mark, it has our offense players ratings. I think it says Romo is an 84. Around the 17:12 mark, you see our defense. I think Newman is a 92 and Ware is a 90.
  10. CrazyCowboy

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    Looks low for us.....I say 88
  11. bobtheflob

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    I'd say Glenn should have had speed over hands, but overall nothing to surprising here.
  12. Garret

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    I would like to know how Broncos and Pitt are better thank us on the game. Pitt was horrible last year and Broncos have nothing special.
  13. firehawk350

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    You must mean besides the best secondary in the league??? And a consistent and proven running game which will only help their rookie QB with a rocket arm.

    And Pitt does have a lombardi in the last two years. But your right, they don't have anything.
  14. Tennione72

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    Romo should at least be 87 overall
  15. RW31

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    newman IS a 92...
  16. Yeagermeister

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    What would a SB win two yrs ago have to do with their rating this year?
  17. BigDFan5

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    through my magnifier Newman looked like a 92
  18. Vintage

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    Yeah. If you go to the end of the video...(17:12 for defense, 16:something for offense) you can see the rankings of our players....
  19. BigDFan5

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    thanks :)
  20. ric

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    Overalls Actual Mine

    QB- Romo- 84 86
    B. Johnson-82 81

    RB- J.Jones- 86 86
    M.Barber- 86 86
    T.Thompson- ?? 74

    FB- O.Hoyte- 77 77
    L.Polite- 80 76

    WR- T.Owens- 94 95
    T.Glenn- 88 89
    P.Crayton- 82 82

    TE- J.Witten- 92 94
    A.Fasano- 78 78
    A.Bergen- 63 65

    LT- F.Adams- 90 90
    P.McQuistan- 72 72
    D.Free- 74 74

    LG- K.Kosier 80 83
    J.Berger 66 67

    C- A.Gurode 90 90
    C.Procter 66 68

    RG- L.Davis 90 90

    RT- M.Colombo 79 83
    M.Marten 76 76

    LE- M.Spears- 82 82
    S.Bowen- 64 67

    RE- C.Canty- 79 81
    J.Hatcher-78 or 70 78

    DT- J.Ferguson- 84 88
    J.Ratliff- 71 77
    M. Stanley 68 68

    LOLB- G.Ellis 79 83
    A.Spencer 75 80

    LILB- B.James 83 81
    B.Carpenter 76 79

    RILB- A.Ayodele 79 85
    K.Burnett 75 76

    ROLB- D.Ware 90 93

    CB- T.Newman 92 94
    A.Henry 88 or 86 87
    A.Glenn 82 84

    FS- K.Hamlin 84 86
    P.Watkins 78 79
    K.Davis 71 70

    SS- R.Williams 90 or 92 92
    A.Elam 68 68

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