Madden Franchise-Mode Players get shafted, again.

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by TheCount, Aug 10, 2009.

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    I'm reading early previews of the games and reviewers are saying the franchise mode hasn't changed other than the silly "show" they put in that summarizes the games of the week (which apparently is pretty lame as well). They also took out pre-game training and heavily used rookies (and other players, I'd guess) don't raise in stats during the season. So if you get a player that is rated 64, he's going to stay 64 till at least the end of the season.

    I know the game is totally built for the online players (it's definitely nice they have online leagues now) but would it seriously kill them to actually spend time on the franchise mode? It would take considerably less code work than all the AI and graphical work being as it's mostly logic and text based, so I don't get what the holdup is.
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    this game is mainly geared towards (or bought by) rap generation teenage idiots who don't give a crap about realism and just want to score limitless touchdowns while dropping back 20 yards with your QB and throwing a long bomb off your backfoot and then be like "awwwww s*** awwwww damn awwwww you got schooled awwwww"
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    Pretty much.

    Whenever I buy a new Madden game (and I won't buy any more until they bring out another PC version) I spend the first month or so just trying to get the sliders right.
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    I actually liked Head Coach 09 and was hoping it would be back this year.

    I play madden for the gameplay, not so much for the franchise mode. I prefer NCAA for team building.
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    I really think that EA launched Head Coach as sort of an outlet for those Madden games that prefer francise mode.

    This would leave Madden to concentrate on the "game mode" bells and whistles.

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