Madden screwed us again

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by devotedfan, Sep 20, 2005.

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    Last year, it was 84-1 when leading into the 4th qtr. What happens,...we lose. Last night, 77-0 when leading by 13+ into the 4th qtr. "Parcells is like money in the bank" when leading into the 4th, according to Madden. THE KISS OF DEATH. When they put those stats up, turn the game off friends. Worse than the 'SI Curse'. :bang2:
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    the kiss of death was keeping Zimmer as defensive coordinator in the first place...keeping him after the disaster of a season last yr was even a bigger kiss of death

    I guarantee you if Mike Zimmer had been on the Skins sideline and Greg Williams on ours, this game wouldnt have been blown like it was

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    Yeh that's why we beat them last year with Vinnie "I'm on Geritol" chucking it to Crayton on the last play.

    Zimmer was on our sideline and Greg Williams on the Skins sideline last year.

    Their "hard hitting" saftety blew the coverage last year and our "hard hitting" saftey blew the coverage this year.
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    No, what screwed us was the guy that started that thread about "Feeling sorry for Brunnell."

    There was a time when I felt bad for another team.....ONLY TO HAVE THEM BEAT US AT THE END. I told him that in the thread.

    You never...and I mean NEVER, feel sorry for your opponent.

    I learned my lesson long ago and hope he learned his last night.
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    Well someone already posted below, but yeah, thats what I was thinking when last year Crayton got that TD pass and won the game. Boy wish we had Greg Williams as our DC :p:

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