News: Mailbag: Sensabaugh, a good deal for Cowboys?

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by CCBoy, May 19, 2011.

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    KYLE COX - EAST DUBUQUE, IL: What do you think it is going to take to keep Gerald Sensabaugh, and would that be a good deal for the Cowboys to make?

    Nick: In terms of numbers, I think it's pretty early to speculate a dollar figure. But I will say that it'll probably have to be on the level with the other safeties. I guess I'm saying that I wouldn't expect Sensabaugh will give them a hometown discount just because of his two years here. But yes, I would do it because of his versatility.

    Josh: The going rate is pretty high in free agency. Just look at the average safeties who have gotten record contracts over the last few years. Truth be told, Sensabaugh had a pretty decent year last season, and he's one of the better guys available. I would not be at all surprised if he came away with a four- or five-year deal averaging north of $5 million or $6 million a year. That's fair, but it's only a good deal for the Cowboys if they don't think there's a better one out there...
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    $5 or $6 million for Sensabaugh?!?!?!

    Didn't we already make this mistake with Ken Hamlin?

    No thanks.

    Give me Abram Elam - a guy who just got done playing for Rob Ryan - for about half that rate!
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    5 or 6 mill is a little high for a guy who hasn't really locked done the safety position. Signing Elam gives you better value and lets AOA actually compete without having money factoring into the decision (ex. Barber vs Felix and choice; Roy Vs Crayton and Dez). If Aoa shows he can start at strong safety the cap hit would be less.
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    Kinda what I was thinking. Talk about things that make you go :eek:
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    I would not have a problem holding on to Sensabaugh and brinig in a FA safety to play in the secondary with him. I would not do a 5 year deal but if they could work a 3 year deal I would do it. One main reason I think Sensabaugh can do the job and 2 with the lockout and chance of limited training camp (if we have one at all) the communication factor in the secondary would be more difficult with 2 new players back their instead of 1
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    Doomsday, I think we have a direction one either has to significantly elevate a position in that secondary, such as a CB from Oakland. Or, one has to elevate the team interaction and function as a whole.
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    My own view is I would go after Huff and have him in the secondary with Sensabaugh. As far as CB I fully expect Newman, Jenkins and Scandrick to man the CB position. Other FA addition I would look at is adding either a OG or a DE to the mix. I don't see Dallas going after 4 or 5 FA in large part because of the cost factor where FA tend to get over paid
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    I like that analysis also...and would bump up the need, beyond signing and strengthening with Cowboy born free agents, picking up the Green Bay defensive end to expand the current defense that Rob Ryan will be forging once pads start to pop.
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    I know some may differ but I'm coming from the point of view that a cap will be in place be it this year or next. I do expect Dallas will be active in FA but I think 2 maybe 3 FA added and not all with be top tier FA
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    I am ready to go another direction .... but I would not be upset if he returned.
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    You need to have better options in place or else we will have another Allan Ball situation.
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    $5 or $6 mil. No problem. I'll write you a check.

    Heck, it's not my money.
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    The ones on the left aren't real. Those on the right are. What a wonderful sig.

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