Major Concern - Julius?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by BigDPlayer, Oct 10, 2005.

  1. BigDPlayer

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    OK fellas (and lovely ladies). I am as happy with this win as anyone.

    BUT. Has anyone else noticed a conspicuous lack of anything regarding Julius Jones? Nary a mention of his r4eaction to being benched in the second half. . . or to his injury (what is it?). . . or to his lack of performance.

    I love JJ. I hope to God he is the real deal. But Thompson is looking much more explosive and powerful. What has happened to JJ? ONE good run this season. ONE.

    Argh! Ok, someone tell me to shutup and it will be OK. Please? But as much as I hate to even voice this or put words to it, something seems amiss. :(

  2. Heisenberg

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    He looked really good to me yesterday before he left the game. I really don't see what the worry is about. You saw what he could do when he got a decent hole to run through.
  3. BigDPlayer

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    OK, you're right. I'm panicking. But you have to admit Thompson looks so much more . . . aggressive? Is that the right word?
  4. Richmond Cowboy

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    Are you for real? He had 74 yards in the 1st half (on pace for 150+) hardly poor performance, the game was under control and he tweaked his ankle - why risk it?
  5. BigDPlayer

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    I know. OK I take it back. Someone pull this post and deduct it from my count! I guess I was wigging cuz we just havent heard anything about his injury or whatever it is.

  6. Jimz31

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    I think JJ will be OK provided the game-plan resembles Sunday's. Teams were playing to stop JJ....yet he was still averaging around 80 yards a game.

    TT does look really good out there, but I'm not too sure that he could last the whole season as a starter. Definately a good back-up that should get 10-14 rushes a game.
  7. Eskimo

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    My main concern with Julius is his health but not his ability. I think part of the issue so far this year is BP has wanted to avoid negative plays making JJ more cautious and the OL has taken awhile to gel.

    I really hope TT continues to develop because I would like to see JJ get about 15-25 carries/game and the backup to get 10-15 carries/game. JJ isn't the type of back who is going to wear out a defense ala Emmitt/CMart but we have been using him in this manner. We need to let JJ run some more draws and sweeps to take advantage of his speed and openfield running skills. We should leave more of the running up the gut to TT who is built a bit sturdier it seems.
  8. MinnesotaCowboy

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    If Thompson does't quit fumbling we won't have to worry about him being the backup! We were very lucky with the two fumbles he made that instant replay kind of gave to us! He is a good, fast runner with very few moves after he gets past the line of scrimmage! I still like Barber a lot......maybe because I saw him play so well in college.
  9. Hoov

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    Thompson's yards came after the eagles defense was beat down. they were on the field over 40 minutes in that game !! at the end those holes were huge, thompson is fast but he has a lot to learn about the nfl. julious did all the tough running, picked up blitzes well, knows how to pick for a yard or two when nothings there.
  10. billyrags

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    Last year he looked like he was special - rare special. This year he looks average.

    I think he has been battling an injury. Maybe a groin. Something just doesn't look right. Now an ankle? Parcells will play it down and Julius will keep trying.
    He is not the only one playing hurt on our team...

    Only McSoup and Favre get press for playing through pain.
  11. VirusX

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    We have put all our emphasis on pass blocking JJ is getting hit at or behind the line on 70% of all his runs and he is still on track for around 1300 yards.. Amazing.. Dont forget the "softmore slump" as well. Not as flashy as he was last year but far to early in the season to say something if wrong.. Give him about 3 more games and we will judge what hes doing..
  12. MikeD17

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    thompson looks like a guy with alo0t of burst but not a whole lot of moves or shiftyness. also has trouble with holding onto the ball. to me hes a nice change of pace back and julius is by far superior in running, catching and blocking.
  13. JDSmith

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    Running into the hole at top speed isn't always the best way to get yards. Thompson had a lower average than JJ did in spite of the fact that he played in the second half against a demoralized Philly D. Julius averaged 4.5 yards per carry against that D in the first half and was doing everything you could ask of him. When there was any kind of blocking he got good yardage. You are correct that Thompson looks more aggressive out there, he hits the hole much faster. But looks can be deceiving, because Thompson averaged 3.8 yards per carry. Julius is fine, he was having a very good game and the only thing that kept him from having a breakout game was the fact that he got dinged and we had such a big lead that Parcells never felt compelled to put him back in.
  14. dbair1967

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    Julius Jones is >>>>> Tyson Thompson

    Thompson isnt even in the same solar system when it comes to RB skills as JJ...Thompson is what he is right now...nice sized back with good straight line speed, has very little wiggle in his step and might have an issue with ball security (which if not taken care of, will lead to his benching or release)

  15. Doomsday101

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    I have complete faith in Jones to get the job done, he was having a good game up until the ankle injury. I will say I like Thompson as well but do not feel as comfortable with him as I do with Jones.
  16. dmq

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    I like Tyson Thompson. However, by the time he got on the field our OLine had completely taken over the game and opened up some huge holes for TT.

    BARRYRAY Well-Known Member

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    Agree that JJ has had injuries--wonder about the strain but for sure he had a minor, if there is such a thing concussion, think that's why he was in a fog against Oakland, you know those things just linger longer than anyone wants to admit, we did have one really greta power sweep right on fourth and one for like 28 yards or so that looked like JJ from last year...
  18. CrazyCowboy

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    JJ will be was to ensure with a big lead that JJ would be ok next since in taking a chance
  19. Aikmaniac

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    Don't worry about JJ, fellas. He should be salivating now that defenses will take that eighth man out to help in coverage. We've played some pretty tough run defenses also...and it's tough to hit your stride when you've got defenders with you in the backfield.

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