Makes me want to start building PCs again...

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Meat-O-Rama, Oct 23, 2012.

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    I can't believe how cheap an 8 core 4Ghz processor can be. Last time I built a PC, 2 x dual core processors was pretty big time. Now AMD throws this out there.
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    These are the second generation bulldozers right? I have a first generation AMD FX-4170 quad core running at 4.2Ghz with 8mb L3 Cache that cost me around 140 last winter.
    Wonder what the power consumption is on the one you listed is?
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    From reading the Anandtech review, it looks like AMD has made some nice improvements. It's still not really in the same ballpark as Intel on single-threaded stuff, but it's really nice for the multi-threaded stuff.
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    My home PC is a 6-core AMD at 3.3Ghz. (not overclocked) I have yet to even get close to making the CPU a bottleneck. :laugh2:

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