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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Cogan, Mar 4, 2008.

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    I am all for getting the best CB in the draft we can. Two actually. However, the more I think about it, the more I feel we need to get our #1 WR of the future this year, while we have two #1s. After watching this highlight tape of Malcolm Kelly, I would even be willing to trade up several spots to get him.

    He reminds me of Michael Irvin, the way he works the slant, & goes over the middle. He gets deep often, and has great hands to pull the tough catches in. Check out this link:
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    Looks plenty fast enough. He just flat out looks the most natural catching the ball of any wide reciever in this draft.
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    I don't even need to watch the tape, I've seen enough of him with his consistent 1 handed catches that look like he's catchign a tennis ball in his hands and makes it look effortless, almost like the ball had radar and goes right to his hands and his hands have a magnet that just sticks the football to his hands, he will have the best hands in the NFL the second he's drafted, plus he's a huge target and does it ALL!
    I have been wanting this guy with our #22 pick for some time, just have to wait till his pro day to see if he'll fall to us since he didn't go to combine.
    If he falls to #19, I agree, lets trade up and snatch him right out from under the Skins nose!
    You cant' find one flaw in his game!
    Give Romo another weapon is never a bad thing, and give him Kelly to throw to for the rest of his career and that way he'll always have a true #1 W.R.!
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    Like I said in my MOCK DRAFT I had a few days ago, I'd love him at #22, and wouldnt' mind getting Manningham also, it woudl give Romo a great combo of the huge target and the speed guy, a FUTURE T.O./Glenn for his career plus it would create a TON of mismatches the next few years with T.O. also!

    Here's my mock I posted in case you missed it, and like I said, we can always get two good corners later while REALLY ADDING some FIREPOWER to this offense that would make it unstoppable!

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