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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by casmith07, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. casmith07

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    I'm going Mach 3, like Gillette.

    1. (from Jacksonville) Stephen Paea, DT, Oregon State - we trade down 7 spots to #16 and pick up an extra 2nd and select Stephen Paea, the strongest man in the draft, to play along the line. The reason why I say "along the line" is that with Rob Ryan's defensive fronts, we'll see a combination of Ratliff playing the nose, the end, other guys moving to end, Ratliff rushing from a standing position, etc. In case anyone was curious, Mr. Paea banged out 49 reps of 225lbs in the bench press at the combine. When bull-rushing the offensive line, what motion do you think is used most often? If you guessed a "bench press, pushup-type motion" you'd be correct.

    Throughout his rookie contract, he gets stronger, and makes us forget all about Marcus Spears.

    Churn: Marcus Spears, DE

    2a. Stefen Wisniewski, G/C, Penn State - previously profiled, in this draft Stefen actually steps in and immediately plays Guard. With Colombo doing a very good job of rehab and grading out with Coach Woicik as being in the best shape since the 2007 season, he stays at RT and remains our offensive line's enforcer. Leonard Davis is packaged in a trade for a 4th round pick to the Green Bay Packers.

    Churn: Leonard Davis, G

    2b. (from Jacksonville) Rahim Moore, FS, UCLA - Questions about his size and tackling on film cause him to slide a little lower in the 2nd round, but not that far. Michael Huff still goes home to Texas, but ends up in Houston for more cash. Moore is named the day 1 starter by Rob Ryan, who has watched him closely through his high school and college career being formerly on the Oakland Raiders staff.

    Churn: Alan Ball, CB/S

    3. Marcus Cannon, G, TCU - In the 3rd round the Cowboys find great value and select Cannon as a backup guard to learn behind Kosier. With Kosier eyeing retirement after 1 more run, Cannon will enter 2012's season in a camp battle with Montrae Holland for the starting gig.

    Churn: Nobody.

    4a. Deunta Williams, S, North Carolina - another steal, the Cowboys select Deunta Williams who is the day 1 starter at SS. Showing up at camp fully healed and running incredibly well, 31 other teams kick themselves for not having taken this guy higher. Williams ends up being in the running for DROY, and makes people on the Zone forget all about that defensive back from Baton Rouge.

    Churn: Gerald Sensabaugh

    4b. Ras-I Dowling, CB, Virginia (from Green Bay) - ANOTHER steal, Dowling comes to the Cowboys a little banged up but with huge upside. A sure and willing tackler with good coverage skills, Dowling makes the competition for the other corner opposite Terence Newman come down to the wire in training camp. Ultimately, I think he wins, since Rob Ryan doesn't like guys that won't hit. Dowling gets healthy throughout all of the OTAs working with Coach Woicik, and ends up shocking the league and the Zone.

    Churn: Alan Ball, CB/S

    5. Buster Skrine, CB, UT-Chattanooga - Did I mention that I like Buster Skrine? The Cowboys move up a few spots in the 5th by sending Orlando Scandrick to the Broncos for a future 5th rounder. Buster Skrine immediately becomes his replacement, and plays extremely well in his limited snaps as a rookie. He makes one marked improvement over Scandrick, in that he DOESN'T STAND FLAT-FOOTED WHILE IN COVERAGE. Another draft steal, Skrine will push Jenkins again for the starting spot when Newman decides to ride off into the sunset in a few more years.

    Churn: Orlando Scandrick, CB

    6. Cecil Shorts III, WR, Mount Union - Good-bye, Roy Williams. Cecil Shorts is drafted to replace RW as our #3 for considerably less and with considerably more skill and agility. Starting in the "Sam Hurd" role, Shorts eventually plays himself into the lineup after Roy goes down with an injury in Week 7. He cements himself as the starter, and Roy ends up getting cut immediately after the season, costing the team $0 in cap value.

    Churn: Sam Hurd, WR (2011); Roy Williams, WR (2012)

    7. Noel Devine, RB, West Virginia - home-run hitter on kickoffs, Mr. Devine comes along and once again shocks the league with his speed. Replaces Marion Barber, who is ultimately released, and seriously threatens Tashard Choice for snaps with his speed, hands, and route-running ability in Jason Garrett's high-powered offense.

    Churn: Marion Barber III, RB

    2012 Draft: Additional 4th, 5th round picks via trades.
  2. The Realist

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    I think we should pick 2 more DB's on top of those 4.
  3. casmith07

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    So do I :laugh1:
  4. Sam I Am

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    +1 for the LL Cool J reference

    -1 for all the love Buster Skrine is getting just because of his 40 time.
  5. supercowboy8

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    I like it all but for Stefen Wisniewski, he was owned by Bama and Florida, no thanks. Cannon should be able to raplace Davis, I would rather have Cannon at RG than LG.

    Also where is the RT, much rather have Carimi or Castanzo in the 1st. we need a RT now.
  6. casmith07

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    None of my Buster Skrine love centers around his 40 time.
  7. Sam I Am

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    Did you pick Stephen Paea due to his bench press numbers? ;)
  8. TheCount

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    Good mock, but I don't think Paea is 3-4 DL player, personally.
  9. The Realist

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    Yeah....not even close.
  10. casmith07

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    That one is based solely on the post about Paea's bench press where Ryan and Baker were seen in the video high-fiving, ha.
  11. Joe Rod

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    I would reluctantly accept this draft, but no Hynoski weighs heavy on me. :p:
  12. casmith07

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    I knew it would...believe me it weighs heavily on me too :D
  13. rkell87

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    i like it
  14. Hostile

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    The only pick I don't like is the 1st because I don't think we need a DT. The rest of it is pure tease me fun stuff.
  15. Trace1015

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    Whats so good about Ras-I-Dowling never seen him play and i live in virginia and his highschool deep creek is 5 mins away from mine in Chesepeake lol
  16. casmith07

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    Watching him play he's just a hard-nosed football player. He just got hurt his senior year and I don't think he's taken the time to just sit and heal. Trying to play hurt caused him to get other injuries, and they just piled up. I just don't think he got proper rehab at Virginia.

    I think with a good strength & conditioning program and good rehab, he could end up being a great player. Yes, great, not good. He's a fearless tackler and he wraps up.
  17. MarionBarberThe4th

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    You tried to sneak that Leonard Davis trade for a 4th round pick in there. Sneaky bastid.

    Deunta or Dowling. You must choose.
  18. Teague31

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    any scenario that has Colombo starting at RT next year is a bad one.
  19. casmith07

    casmith07 Attorney-at-Zone

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    It's a mock draft, it doesn't have to be 500% realistic :laugh2:
  20. respectdatstar

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    I kind of like it. Good players taken to create depth in the secondary.

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