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Man arrested, accused of threatening to kill Obama

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by vta, Jun 6, 2009.

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    Prophetic lunacy or the story of one man watching too many movies...

    (CNN) -- A man accused of making threatening statements about killing President Obama has been arrested in Nevada, the Secret Service said Saturday.

    Daniel James Murray was arrested Friday night in the parking lot of the Riverside Resort Hotel and Casino in Laughlin, Nevada, said Secret Service spokesman Malcolm Wiley. Murray recently withdrew $85,000 from a bank in St. George, Utah, in two separate visits and told a teller, "We are on a mission to kill the president of the United States," according to a criminal complaint filed in federal court in Utah.

    According to the complaint, Murray opened an account at Zions First National Bank on May 19 with an $85,000 check.

    "With all this mess going on under President Obama with banks and the economy, I'm sure if citizens happen to lose their money, they will rise up and we could see killing and deaths," he said, according to the complaint. Authorities hunt for man charged with threatening Obama On May 27, he returned to the bank and tried to withdraw $12,000, but lacked proper identification.

    "Not to be disrespectful, but if I don't get this money, someone is going to die," Murray said, according to the complaint. A bank manager was summoned and Murray was allowed to withdraw the money without proper identification. Murray would not accept a check and demanded bills no larger than $50, the complaint says.

    "We are 94 million miles from the sun, and are in-between the sun and moon, and the eagle that flies between them and it's a giant step for mankind. ... I have traveled thousands of miles to be here and know things that are going to happen. ... the banking system will fail and people will die. ... there will be chaos in the world," Murray said, according to the complaint.

    He then made his threat against the president, the complaint says. The next day, Murray returned to the bank, withdrew the rest of his money and closed the account, a bank teller told authorities

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