Man deposits a junk-mail $95K check as a joke and bank cashes it

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by joseephuss, Aug 13, 2012.

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    that was a cool story, although, what happened to the 95k?
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    guess we have to go watch his stand up routine to find out......:confused:
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    No thanks lol the story I read was good enough for me.
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    This story is kind of old but still cool. The advertisement company accidentally made the fake check have all of the requirements of a real check but what I have never understood is if they put their actual account and routing number at the bottom and if they didn't how the bank got the money from the advertisers to give to the guy
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    Cool Story. I would have requested this statement in writing, “You’re safe to start spending the money, Mr Combs. A cheque cannot bounce after 10 days. You’re protected by the law.” That's all I would have needed to hear.
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    What happened to the money?

    From the comments section at the end of the article (don't know if it is true or not an I am too lazy and uninterested to search the net):

    Belinda Gerard | August 10 9:53am | Permalink

    To all those lazy slobs accusing Patrick of fraud because they cannot be bothered to check the facts:

    "Finally on 4 October 1995 he signed a settlement agreement with the bank and returned the check uncashed. The bank conceded that he had not committed fraud or any other wrongful act, and that the bank had made several errors in the transaction. Combs jokingly wrote the words "Non-Negotiable" at the top of two other checks that he gave to the bank - one for the interest earned on the disputed money, the other to close his account. "

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    Banks - run by waesles.
    or Eagles Fans.

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