Man, I hate it when I'm right.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bizwah, Sep 19, 2005.

  1. Bizwah

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    I think there were several of us on the boards that just felt something was wrong with this game.

    I felt it all week.....I normally don't DREAD games, but for some reason, this one just bothered me.

    It's not that I felt the Skins were a matter of fact, it's obvious we're more talented......but I just felt we were ripe for an upset.

    I was wondering about our team's character. We're very young....I knew there would be some games that we should win, that we wind up losing.

    This was obviously one.

    I'm not too devestated.....As a matter of fact, I feel relieved sort of..... That streak really bothered the begoobers out of me.

    And hey, how many of us actually penciled us in at 1-1 to start the season?

    I thought we'd start the year 1-2.......We're still in a good position to beat what I thought.
  2. TonyS

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    I felt it too.

    But I thought it was the tacos.

    Guess not.
  3. bbgun

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    I tried to temper all the overconfidence in this place, but to no avail.
  4. CowboyBlog

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    We stopped coach for the last quarter of the game.

    Why did the rookie get three chances to run the ball in a row while we are driving to score?
  5. Qwickdraw

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    All of you should go to bed.
  6. DBoys

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    Guys regardless we should of won that game.
  7. JohnsKey19

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    The loss hurts, no doubt. But considering the streak and some of the close games we've won against the Skins, we were bound to come up on the short end. The Skins defense did their job and their offense showed up just in time.
  8. Novacek84

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    I can't wait to hear all this week how this young team will learn from this game and it will make them better later on. Baloney...I take nothing constructive away from a game like this. They had this game in control and then blew it in the last 6 minutes. That's all that matters. A national TV embarassment. What a joke. Games like this can potentially ruin seasons. Reminds me of Pittsburgh last year. We win that game I think '04 is a different year. Here we go again?
  9. Wezsh0T

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    I'm sick to my stomach, but I guess we could look at it this way. Everyone expected a loss in SD and a win in Washington, we just did it a different way.

    Our team seems to be built of strong character. Right up until the end, there was no quit. Besides the two lapses we looked solid. The offense looked decent enough to win...we just couldn't convert on a couple of big plays...couple that with untimely penalties and a missed FG and it becomes difficult to win a game. The one I want to have back is the third down play that Crayton converted but lost the ball when Taylor popped him.

    I refuse to believe what happened tonight is indicative of a bad team.

    Two further observations...A loss is not always a bad's how you react to it. The real test is to see how we react next week. Washington's run defense looked stout, but if other teams sell out to stop JJ, then we have to make them pay with more than a gimmick play.
  10. Bizwah

    Bizwah Well-Known Member

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    Good post......I don't think there's such a thing as a "good loss", but there are two things you can do with one.

    1. Let it fester and destroy the team.

    2. Move on and focus on the next game.

    I too am interested in seeing how this team responds. Will we go into next weekend slow and lethargic? Or will we react as Philly did?

    Oh, and we can still say that we've won 14 of the last 16 :D

    Nah......just doesn't sound right.

    I'll give the Skins their props.....they have a one game winning streak vs the Cowboys.

    THUMPER Papa

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    Someone posted a poll asking which Redskin player we feared the most. I said that I didn't fear any of them. The only thing I feared was blowing yet another 4th qtr lead.

    I have been saying it for years, Zimmer sucks as a coach and should never have been kept by Parcells. Our 4th qtr failures are due almost entirely to our defense having a meltdown just like they did tonight.
  12. SultanOfSix

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    I felt it with 4 minutes left. Right on the 4th and 15 call. I looked at my brother and said, watch the Redskins will convert this and score. Wala. Look what happened. Then we were up still 13-7 and we started passing with 3:42 to go and I was again like ***. We've been playing CONSERVATIVE the whole game. Luckily, we ran the next play and the clocked stopped with 3:29 after JJ got a run for 6 and was face masked and we got a first down. Then the clocked stopped. I was like ***? Clocks never stop on defensive penalties because it takes away from the offense. It should have continued to run. Sorry, I just think something wierd was going on.

    That's when I felt it. I knew we were going to lose this game.
  13. Wezsh0T

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    I just have to look at this game as a game of missed chances. The first missed FG, the mismanagement of the clock at the end of the half, the several first downs converted and then called back, the near is a game of inches...and this time...we got out-inched...

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