Mandatory Monday (Tanier): Secondary Rankings

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jimnabby, Jun 16, 2014.

  1. jimnabby

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    This one's a bit of a let-down: after the Cowboys appeared prominently in his O-Line rankings (#1) and front seven rankings (#32), they don't appear here at all, meaning that he doesn't have us in his top five or bottom five. I figured I'd post this anyway, in the interest of completeness. A few notable items/quotes:
    • "No fake suspense this week. No reason to scroll down. The Seahawks ranked first. Go ahead and argue otherwise, once you are finished posting to your Flat Earth message board."
    • The Bengals of Terence Newman and Adam Jones are #2.
    • The Giants are #4. "The Giants entered the offseason with a great safety (Antrel Rolle), an outstanding nickel defender (Trumaine McBride) and lots of questions. They then added Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Walter Thurmond and Quentin Demps to fill in the ample cracks. For the Giants, that's roughly six years' worth of free-agent acquisitions in a month, and the results should be immediate."
    Next week: receivers.!ZJR7W
  2. jday

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    Honestly, I'm little surprised they didn't make the bottom 5 list.
  3. BigStar

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    Wow, TNew and Pacman @ #2? Pacman didn't quite hit rock bottom before joining Dallas I suppose. He even looked half decent out there @ times but wasn't mentally ready. Unfortunate too because JJ put a lot of effort into straightening his attitude/behavior/perspective. All that said, I would still take Carr over Newman and Mo has the tools to be a top 15 corner. Newman and Scan are basically the same player. Athletically gifted corners with no ball skills. Why are the Giants given such a high ranking after signing the athletic journeyman DRC to start? Arizona and Sea are understandable.
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  4. radioactivecowboy88

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    Newman is still playing?!?! Wow.
  5. ShiningStar

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    But Newman sucks, how is he still playing? doesnt his new team know that?
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  6. DFWJC

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    Cincy certainly is not the 2nd best secondary.
    The did have a very good dline last year though.

    Overall, that team is just really balanced on both sides of the ball.
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  7. big dog cowboy

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    The Cincy front 7 helps.
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  8. Fletch

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    You are correct, sir! The trenches matter.
  9. CT Dal Fan

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    The Bengals also have Leon Hall, first round draft pick Darqueze Dennard, and youngster Dre' Kirkpatrick at corner. Add in T-New and Pac Man, and that's why they're ranked that high.
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  10. JohnsKey19

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    It never gets old seeing the OL almost universally regarded as a top 5 unit. And very young. Gotta give the front office credit for finally turning things around there.

    If we are lucky, Lawrence and Crawford are 1/2 of a strong DL.
  11. ShiningStar

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    Yes, and im really hoping this Oline goes back to teh days of imposing their will upon defenses, once that happens, all the Romo haters not going to be happy.
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  12. Bullflop

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    Newman and Adam Jones being ranked #1 just goes to demonstrate what a difference it makes when an effective front seven is in place for any one team's defensive setup. They were both sub par with Dallas a while back and now are currently thriving in an atmosphere far more suitable to afford better coverage abilities to their corners. Perhaps they were at least partly victimized by our poor pass rush capabilities in Dallas. There's only so much one outstanding DE like Ware can accomplish in that respect.
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  13. casmith07

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    Our pass rush had been DeMarcus Ware and then a cliff drop off basically since 2005-2006. He was so good we didn't need anybody else doing anything of note.
  14. jterrell

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    The Bengals have insane DB depth. Leon Hall is a clipboard holder for them and Dre Kirkpatrick likely stands beside him most downs....
    How TNew has held off all those guys is truly astonishing if only because his body had to do a 180 to stay healthy.
    Pacman was always a top 10 CB in talent, not all that shocking he finally grew up enough to contribute consistently.

    Dallas should be looking at TNews health as they consider how to best get Claiborne ready for 16 games a year.
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  15. Bullflop

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    I beg to differ with your assertion. We were greatly in need of help for DeMarcus during and after that time. Our pass defense suffered as a result of it for many years. The team would have fared much better if he had been given the help he deserved.
  16. BigStar

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    Agree, I googled their depth afterwards and saw the talent they had accumulated the last few drafts, on top of Pac/Newman playing well put the ranking in better perspective. Not quite sure that potential trumps Arizona yet but made more sense overall. Good point about Mo preparing his body for a full season to avoid the nicks he keeps picking up (when possible). It sure is frustrating to see TNew have that turn around after the investment and commitment the team made towards him (5th overall, follow up contract/renegotiating along the way, etc.) I agree about Pac, and liked his "rough around the edges" coverage mixed mostly with pure athleticism during his short stint. Liked to hold a little too much in the beginning but has improved on that aspect after regaining his confidence/perspective in Cinci. These grapes are sour:D
  17. The Natural

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    Not sure what team some of you were watching but the Bengals very easily had the second best secondary in the league last year (add in their selections this year), not saying it didnt help to have a Geno Atkins or Michael Johnson up front but damn give the guys some credit.
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  18. casmith07

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    You just said the same thing I said but different.
  19. Clove

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    Our brilliant fans wanted them both gone, I guess this is why we remain at 8-8, our GM also thinks like a fan.
  20. ShiningStar

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    not exactly fair nor what really happened. Lets face it, I dnt think Jones was a good signing, and i loved the Newman pick, but Jones had to go through what he had to go through and Newman is benefiting from a good front 7, I dont doubt that. I liked what Dallas did, tho Jenkins they handled wrong yet tried to go out of their way to make it right for Jones, boggles my mind.

    What i think is funny, is the guy fans wnated out got both of them working well in his system, that right there told you the fans were wrong, yet again.

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