News: Mangini and Skip on Cowboys

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Nov 21, 2011.

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    One game at a time...
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    Skip is right,

    That guy is a straight Hater! He basically said Romo made two amazing throws and athletic plays, but sometimes that won't work. Duh. But that's why he's amazing. Not why he sucks.

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    You guys are too sensitive. He made a valid point. Romo makes that throw to Robinson in the end zone scrambling to his left and he's a hero. If Hall steps in front and picks it Romo is the goat and everyone is killing him.

    Romo came very close to 2 or 3 picks yesterday as a result of not being on the same page as his receivers. Balls were dropping in the middle of zones with defenders just a couple of yards away.

    But that's Tony. It is who he is and we just have to accept it.
  5. ZeroClub

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    I think Mangini has a point. Romo plays on the outside edge of his ability and that does carry risks.

    Get the Fullback back, the running game going and Romo won't have to press his luck as often. That is a safer recipe for success.

    I'm getting the impression that Garrett would prefer to call a more the conservative game ... but it takes a productive running game for that to happen.
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    Unbelievable. I have never seen a QB broken down more than our Tony Romo.

    What does that tell you folks? :laugh2:

    Haters going to hate and it sells and that is why the media beats this team in the face any time they can.

    It sells. It puts people on the channel to watch.

    You hate Dallas or you love Dallas.

    Still - its annoying that he gets soooo much crap broken down about him. You could say what Mangina says about ever QB in every game on Sunday. You have to make the tight throws sometimes. That is football and that is why you play the game.

    Romo isn't supposed to I guess.

    I gave up a long time ago w/ trying to justify any of this hatred for Dallas. It is what it is and will always be.
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    Eric Mangini is captain obvious....
  8. JohnsKey19

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    The fact of the matter is we don't win without Romo creating those plays. Like you said, we have to take the good with the bad.
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    Yeah- but Hall was thinking run- again he forgot his fundamental responsibility- pass first. They forgot to mention the fact that Hall was caught in a bad spot.
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    The difference is a kavelar vest and injured rib preventing a good throwing motion in the Detroit game. This is a game of inches. Romo's mind know what he wants to do but his body couldn't deliver the good.

    We watched Romo make MANY of those throw over the years. The guy is money when he rolls left! He is one of the rare people that throws better when he goes left. I'm surprised that we don't call some roll out left. I cring when I see the roll out right throws.
  11. 28 Joker

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    I think everyone understands that Romo has to take some "risks", just like most quarterbacks, but Romo was taking unnecessary risks against Detroit. That was a totally different situation. The first pick was on Romo, but the next two were even worse. Dallas was up 27-3 in that game. It was a severe fundamental break-down in decision making and situational football. The second pick six really changed the game and flipped it into the Lions favor. That slant was smothered, and the CB read the route (took away the outside first) and had inside leverage in his favor. Romo held the football too long, too. That was man coverage, and the coverage was too tight. The situation in the game, alone, should have been a red light to Romo on that particular throw.

    It's a fine line with managing Romo, and Romo has the ability to put the football into tight windows. However, as a play caller, you have to find the line and keep Romo from making those poor decisions, like Detroit. Romo has to know that he has no shot to make that deep throw to Witten (in the Lions game) with severe pressure in his face, because he can't step into his throw. Witten was way too far down field. Dallas should have been running the football, anyway. However, that was another argument.

    If Romo is at 34 or less attempts, Dallas is probably in good shape and Romo has played a tight, efficient game. Before the Redskins tied the game late, Romo was sitting at 34 on the dot. The Cowboys are 34-8 when Romo attempts 34 or less passes in a game. If it doesn't get to over time, Dallas moves to 35-8.

    I think Romo did a very good job of just eating the football and taking some coverage sacks yesterday. He didn't try to be the hero, and he lived to fight another day.

    I think Romo's ceiling is 34 attempts (Romo's best), and I think he needs a good running game to support him. When Romo gets over 34 attempts, for what ever the reason, you have probably seen all the Tony Romos that day.

    Yesterday, Romo went 3 over 34, and he didn't turn the football over. Romo was great, but I'm glad he didn't have to throw it 40 times. That last throw to Dez Bryant was a dagger, but Romo went 1-3 in over time. The Redskins really had Romo in a bad spot, but he escaped.
  12. Nexx

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    but isnt that how it always works? if aaron rodgers pass to jordy nelson was intercepted and taken to the house and let the bucs tie up the game than isnt rodgers the goat? i dont see what point is... seriously

    2 or 3 picsk. every QB every game has 2 or 3 instances where it could have been a pick. i dont even remember a skin getting their hands on a romo could have been int.
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    If you're a coach and you tell your QB to try those throws you're not going to have a job very long. When Romo is on he makes those throws but when he's not bad things can and have happened in the past. They are extremely high risk throws, that's all he's saying and he's 100% right.

    You're not going to win any championships relying on plays like that so the OL better get their crap together cause Romo bailed them out yesterday
  14. Alexander

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    And you could say the Revis INT was the same way.

    Excellent point.

    People try too hard to get angry about every criticism of Romo that they lose sight of reality when they throw the "evil media" blanket over everything negative.

    I agree they go overboard. But this is the flagship franchise of the NFL, it comes with the territory of being a Cowboys fan. If you bristle at our QB taking criticism, then quit being a fan who actually cares what the media says. It is not and should not, change. The only way it will is if the player becomes elite, as Aikman eventually did.

    I am just amazed at all the angry threads I read here each and every day and it looks like Extremeskins.
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    BS -- The Witten throw is easy, he's wide open after a scramble. There's plenty of space on both throws, for an NFL QB.

    Everything Mangini said assumes Romo doesn't know where the defenders are, and we know Romo has great feel and vision, especially on the move. When he throws numskull interceptions, it's usually from the pocket.
  16. ethiostar

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    What is their record when he attempts more than 34 passes? If you don't mind me asking, I'm too lazy to look it up:eek::
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    I don't care about the mediots critizing Romo. It's the Cowboy fans that rip him all the time that really irritate me. They are the ones that have stupidity written all over them. The others are just haters. The Cowboys fans who do it really don't have a clue as to what they are talking about because he is flat out no different than any of the top five guys who consistently make the same bad plays that Tony does over the course of the season!
  18. baj1dallas

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    That's what Mangini is saying also. So don't complain when it doesn't necessarily work out some day.
  19. Double Trouble

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    I don't think much of that was Romo taking gambles, though. He wasn't on the same page as his WRs, especially Robinson. Everyone was out of sync on both sides of the ball. I really don't know what to make of yesterday's game.
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    how about mangini calling romo's spin move a "tebow" spin move? say what?


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