Manti Te’o’s Dead Girlfriend is a Hoax *Merge*

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by joseephuss, Jan 16, 2013.

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    NFL teams won't give 2 turds about this whole hoax thing so long as he can run and hit and tackle, which is certainly something he has shown he can do with the best of 'em. College players have done far, far worse and still been drafted. I believe Lawrence Phillips was drafted 5th or 6th overall.

    While this does potentially raise red flags about Te'o's future reliability, it is worth noting that as far as football goes, he was never anything short of the ideal player. IMHO, he has fallen, but only by a small amount. I think he has gone from a top-5 prospect to a top-half of the first round prospect.
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    I doubt it will affect where teams rank him, but I bet they do a whole lot of investigating about it.
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    I believe him. I dont think he was in on it, or that he is gay.

    I think he fell for this girl online. He was embarrassed, so he lied about meeting her.

    Humiliation, but hopefully it shall pass and he learns from it.
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    Dude, you should have just left it as it was.

    Each of your posts just get sillier, .. now you are saying that the death of his grandma, who helped raise him, and the death of the "love of his life" on the same day was really not a big deal, and he was able to go ahead and play that day, and play well after these back to back tragedies.

    But when his reputaion was at risk, he couldn't concentrate to practice or play football. :rolleyes:

    I think you give Te'O and his level of mental toughness very little credit.

    But if that makes you feel better little leprechaun, you go with that.
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    Greatness that's what and THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:laugh2:...:lmao2:....:lmao:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    No, it screams he has to protect himself. If his story was used to raise money for anyone he could possibly be sued for fraud. If I was him I would be walking around with a lawyer as well. He has to protect himself from those who did this to him and from those who think he did something wrong.
  7. Risen Star

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    That's pretty much what Ciskowski said. It may drop him a tad but nothing significant.
  8. Risen Star

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    I know I would look into it. He'd have to interview great to maintain his top 10-15 status for me.
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    He was trying to gain sympathy votes for the Heisman.
  10. CashMan

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    I have to say, I HATE college football, but I LOVE the NFL draft. But, my wife went to St. Mary's, which is like right next door to ND, and she is a big ND fan. So, this year, I actually watched all the ND games, and I gotta say, I did fall for it.
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    An interview with Jeff Ireland would be interesting. [​IMG]
  12. Nirvana

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    He appears in interviews to be going out of his way to bringing her up as an inspiration, etc. and this includes interviews after he supposedly learned of the hoax. I don't buy it. The story he wants us to believe is that his friend was behind all of it, which included her untimely death right after his grandmother died, right before a huge game.

    The more simple explanation is that he was also in on it, and used the story to garner more attention and awards. He even has stated that his goal is to create a big impact on people. He apparently fantasizes about this so much that he concocted a way to do so on a bigger scale than his mere football play could accomplish. This would have never recoiled had it not been tipped to the media by one person.
  13. joseephuss

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    You presume she wasn't playing with a full deck prior to the alleged rape and not as the result of the alleged rape. She is also entitled to the "presumption of innocence". You can't just assume she is guilty of making false accusations.
  14. joseephuss

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    He wasn't a Heisman favorite at the start of the season. That is quite a gamble.

    I think he got duped good. He then made things worse for himself by embellishing the extent of his relationship.
  15. WV Cowboy

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    His mistake was not coming forward and going public when he first found out she was not real.

    I think if he came out then, .. people would have still thought he was weird, but nobody would be against him or questioning him like they are now.
  16. WV Cowboy

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    I'm sure we as guys can not even begin to fathom the trauma, the shame, the mind-altering, life changing event such as a rape.
  17. CanadianCowboysFan

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    I just wonder how he could claim it was a serious relationship when he never even kissed her.
  18. WV Cowboy

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    Or looked in her eyes or held her hand, or smelled her neck.
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    It's also possible that both are true. He got hoaxed, AND he used the story and embellished it for attention or sympathy or whatever his motivations were.

    At this point I'm buying that he probably was innocent in this at least at first - weird, yes, but he fell victim to a fraud - but he embellished and played to the crowd as he got in deeper and deeper. Not exactly an endorsement of his judgement and equilibrium, but right now I doubt it's more than that.
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    Whatever happened to the part about the Cardinals fullback and Polamalu claiming they'd met her? :confused:

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