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March 6: Todd McShay's Latest Mock 3.0

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by DFWJC, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. DFWJC

    DFWJC Well-Known Member Zone Supporter

    31,408 Messages
    7,840 Likes Received
    Todd McShay just released his Mock 3.0. Lots of changes.

    McShay has Cooper going 10th and Warmack falling to the Cowboys.
    Works for me.


    1. Star Lotulelei
    2. Luke Joeckle
    3. Sharrif Floyd
    4. Dee Milliner
    5. Ezekiel Ansah
    6. Dion Jordan
    7. Geno Smith
    8. Eric Fisher
    9. Barkevious Mingo
    10. Jonathan Cooper
    11. Lane Johnson
    12. Keenan Allen
    13. Kenny Vaccaro
    14. Sheldon Richardson
    15. Alec Ogletree
    16. Tavon Austin
    17. Jarvis Jones
    18. Chance Warmack, OG, Alabama....Dallas Cowboys
    19. Tyler Eifert
    20. Cordarrelle Patterson
    21. DJ Fluker
    22. Menelik Watson
    23. Sylvester Williams
    24. Justin Pugh
    25. Bjoern Werner
    26. John Jenkins
    27. Justin Hunter
    28. Xavier Rhodes
    29. Blidi Wren-Wilson
    30. Zach Ertz
    31. Margus Hunt
  2. InmanRoshi

    InmanRoshi Zone Scribe

    18,334 Messages
    79 Likes Received
    I'm not a big Werner fan, but that seems pretty low.
  3. BrAinPaiNt

    BrAinPaiNt Hunka Hunka Burning BP Staff Member

    66,908 Messages
    12,865 Likes Received
    BPA meets need. Would work for me.

    However I don't know if the Cowboys would feel that way since they kind of want a OG/OC type.
  4. tm1119

    tm1119 Well-Known Member

    4,549 Messages
    1,612 Likes Received
    Yeah that's pretty much how I see the draft playing out (except Werner that low), just hope Jerry actually pulls the trigger on a guard.
  5. DCBoysfan

    DCBoysfan Hardwork and Dedication Zone Supporter

    5,265 Messages
    746 Likes Received
    I will TAKE IT.
  6. BrAinPaiNt

    BrAinPaiNt Hunka Hunka Burning BP Staff Member

    66,908 Messages
    12,865 Likes Received
    Heck yeah you would.

    95% of the cowboys fans in the world would be sitting back with a mile wide smile if it happened.
  7. DFWJC

    DFWJC Well-Known Member Zone Supporter

    31,408 Messages
    7,840 Likes Received
    Murray and Romo too
  8. Idgit

    Idgit Ice up, son. Ice up! Staff Member

    42,640 Messages
    23,274 Likes Received
    I like him a lot, too. And I think he might drop down to 18.
  9. xwalker

    xwalker Well-Known Member

    23,585 Messages
    13,420 Likes Received
    Not what I expected from McShay:

    1 Star Lotulelei Kansas City Chiefs (2-14)
    2 Luke Joeckel* Jacksonville Jaguars (2-14)
    3 Sharrif Floyd* Oakland Raiders (4-12)
    4 Dee Milliner* Philadelphia Eagles (4-12)
    5 Ezekiel Ansah* Detroit Lions (4-12)
    Humm...over OTs Fisher and Johnson
    6 Dion Jordan Cleveland Browns (5-11)
    7 Geno Smith Arizona Cardinals (5-11)
    8 Eric Fisher Buffalo Bills (6-10)
    9 Barkevious Mingo* New York Jets (6-10)
    10 Jonathan Cooper Tennessee Titans (6-10)
    11 Lane Johnson San Diego Chargers (7-9)
    12 Keenan Allen* Miami Dolphins (7-9)
    13 Kenny Vaccaro Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-9)
    14 Sheldon Richardson Carolina Panthers (7-9)
    15 Alec Ogletree * New Orleans Saints (7-9)
    16 Tavon Austin* St. Louis Rams (7-8-1)
    At 5-8, 172 lbs?
    17 Jarvis Jones* Pittsburgh Steelers (8-8)
    IMO, the medical either drops him out of the 1st or has very minimal impact.
    18 Chance Warmack Dallas Cowboys (8-8)
    19 Tyler Eifert New York Giants (9-7)
    20 Cordarrelle Patterson *: Chicago Bears (10-6)
    21 D.J. Fluker* Cincinnati Bengals (10-6)
    22 Menelik Watson* St. Louis Rams (from WAS) (7-8-1)
    I like this player, but I think he needed a excellent combine to have a chance at the 1st round, which he didn't.
    23 Sylvester Williams Minnesota Vikings (10-6)
    24 Justin Pugh* Indianapolis Colts (11-5)
    I don't get the love for this player. He has short arms even for a Guard. He is not overly strong and his movements seem awkward. He didn't look too good at the Senior Bowl, IMO.
    25 Bjoern Werner* Seattle Seahawks (11-5)
    He had him at #2 in his last mock. Maybe a little over-reaction to the combine.
    26 John Jenkins Green Bay Packers (11-5)
    A run clogger only this in the 1st. Meh.
    27 Justin Hunter* Houston Texans (12-4)
    28 Xavier Rhodes* Denver Broncos (13-3)
    29 Blidi Wreh-Wilson New England Patriots (12-4)
    30 Zach Ertz * Atlanta Falcons (13-3)
    31 Margus Hunt San Francisco 49ers (11-4-1)
    32 Manti Te'o Baltimore Ravens (10-6)
  10. ABQcowboyJR

    ABQcowboyJR Well-Known Member

    3,228 Messages
    255 Likes Received
    Would love it if Allen Austin Ziggy and Geno went before us.
  11. Woods

    Woods Well-Known Member

    12,460 Messages
    61 Likes Received
    He has TB drafting another Safety in Round 1?
  12. reddyuta

    reddyuta Well-Known Member

    11,130 Messages
    3,977 Likes Received
    I will be happy if somebody takes Vacarro before 18 but the Bucs are unlikely to pick 2 consecutive safeties in the first rd after picking barron last year.
  13. mmillman

    mmillman Well-Known Member

    2,153 Messages
    33 Likes Received
    Warmack would be an awesome pick.
    He has been my favorite since midway through the college season. He absolutely destroys his opponent and engulfs lb's
  14. Future

    Future Intramural Legend

    17,684 Messages
    2,780 Likes Received
    Saw that too, doesn't seem likely.
  15. CopenhagenCowboy

    CopenhagenCowboy Well-Known Member

    1,125 Messages
    229 Likes Received
    Yes, and Vaccaro.
  16. DFWJC

    DFWJC Well-Known Member Zone Supporter

    31,408 Messages
    7,840 Likes Received
    Agree. It'd be shocking if they took another 1st rd safety
  17. Zordon

    Zordon Well-Known Member

    13,100 Messages
    11,036 Likes Received
    "Country boy from Georgia. Just a tough guy. Loves football. Kind of a road-grader in the run game and a fire hydrant in the passing game."

    This is exactly what we need.
  18. TheCount

    TheCount Pixel Pusher

    22,762 Messages
    3,024 Likes Received
    Terrible mock, but I like our selection.
  19. marchetta

    marchetta Well-Known Member

    3,661 Messages
    752 Likes Received
    I see he has Damontre Moore (T A&M) dropping out of the 1st rd. Wow.

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