Marcus McNeil profile Best case and worst case plays like Adams mention

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by jksmith269, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. jksmith269

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    Marcus McNeill | #73

    Offensive Tackle - Auburn

    Height: 6'9"
    Weight: 332
    McNeill just on pure physical attributes is a great OT prospect. He is an absolutely huge man, great size, he has the height and weight of a true bookend OT, he is listed at a amazing 6-9 340. He is not just a big immovable object though, he does have moderately good athletic ability even though he is a road grader. He moves relatively well for a big man, he has very good feet, and gets out of his stance quickly. McNeill is a very good run blocker, he just takes the defender completely out of the play and in pass protection it is extremely hard to get around his large wingspan. McNeill has also be a consistent starter on Auburn ever since he was a freshman. He has also never had any grave injury concerns. Ideally for McNeill if continues to play how he has been playing the past few seasons, and elevates his play just a little bit more to the next level, he will be a very high 1st round selection. He has the potential and overall frame of blue chip NFL OT and I would not be surprised if he ended up being a top 5 pick.

    • Amazing height, wingspan and overall bulk as a OT
    • Is a very solid athlete that moves well, is not stiff on the line
    • Has good overall technique
    • Is a fine pass and run blocker

    • Any player the size he is, overweight is of moderate concern
    • He is not a very quick OT
    • Does not have very quick hands at this point

    Best Case Scenario:
    Jonathan Ogden

    Worst Case Scenario:
    Flozell Adams
  2. tiller77

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    I am not saying McNeil would not be a great lineman but footwork and hands are the 2 most important aspects of an OLINE the top being brains.

    You have those 2 things listed as his weakness not a good sign
  3. ghst187

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    if the worst case scenario is Flozell Adams...well that's pretty dang acceptable.
    The guy is 6'9, that's ridiculous. It's amazing that he only weighs 330.
  4. jksmith269

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    Yeah but if at worst he plays like FA then he will still be a probowler and if he developes he could be another ogden come on....

    I'm not saying draft him I'm waiting until we see who all are opting for the draft and after the combine. I think our primary should be LB and if none of the top 3 are there when we draft then maybe we should trade the pick....Just a thought...
  5. cowboyjoe

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    yeah, i was excited too about getting McNeil, but now i see why he maybe falling in NFL Draft, reason, it mentions he may have a issue with his back and neck, need to have that checked out first, but i heard for last 2 years at auburn he is a BEAST!!!, remember thats why cadillac williams and that other running back that went to miami this year, were running, they were running behind McNeil.
  6. lane

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    i want mcneil or eric winston pronto.
  7. Bizwah

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    I am very wary of guys with back problems. I was really hoping for McNeil, but right now, I don't know.....
  8. jksmith269

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    Where do you get back problems from on this guy?
  9. Cogan

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    His back problems are well documented on several draft sites. I, too, was very excited about McNeil, but his spine problems are an issue. He would have to be cleared by a couple sources before I would even consider him.
    Remember the last OT we drafted high who had health problems?! I would definately be interested if he was cleared, but back & neck problems have a way of degenerating.
  10. Qwickdraw

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    Marcus McNeil is a great pick but I'M afraid he goes between 10 and 15 in the draft.

    Huff is another player I love but Im afraid he goes in the same area.
  11. garrett316

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    McNeil apparently has a spinal condition(stenosis, I believe). It's in his draft report on
  12. Big Country

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    By playing in the NFL... the whole body has a way of degenerating.
  13. Letemburn

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    First Option = Huff
    Second Option = McNeil
    Third Option = Santonio Holmes - He wont be there though :(
  14. VThokie7

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    Are you kidding me? Worst case he is a pro bowler like Adams?? PLease..... McNeil has potential to be a good OT, but his health issues would definately want me to avoid him.
  15. Bizwah

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    If he could drop far enough....say, third round....then I'd jump all over that.

    But I think he's drafted in the first by someone.

    I wonder if his weight would have something to do with the back....I lost 75 pounds in the space of one year. I was amazed at how my back stopped hurting.
  16. Cowboy4ever

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    McNeil is a beast, runs a 4.9 40 at 330lbs, prob the most atheltic tackle in this years draft. If we get a shot at him, we would be crazy to pass him up. His back problem has not slowed him down at all at Auburn. He would be my first choice at 18,, maybe even try to slide up a few spots to get him or Huff,, although i dont see that happening.
  17. kingwhicker

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    He actually is pretty light for his height/body frame- I would think he could easily carry over 400 lbs with his height/frame. I think his height would more likely be the factor in any back problems, however, stenosis is a genetic quirk, so that would eliminate height or weight as a factor in that regard.
  18. KingTuna

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    I would LOVE to draft Mcneil at #18.... Him or Ahmad Brooks at LB at #18..

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