Marcus spears on w/norm at 10:30 to talk dysfunction

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by theebs, Jan 22, 2014.

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    Jerry the GM is a problem but not because he's there everyday. He should be around a lot. Jerry the owner not so much. This is why you should have a distant owner who occasionally sees the players and asks about their family and why you need on hands on GM. He's not that great of a GM anyway to be nice.

    I agree with WG that this is a fluff piece and he should have taken Spears down the rabbit hole and asked some penetrating f/u questions.
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    Someone said before that "the perception is the reality".

    It doesn't matter what transpires between the HC and GM, or vice-versa. The reality is that the player, ie - Mr Spears, perceives that the GM/Owner is really in charge. That little tidbit of pre-conceived information has already destroyed whatever credibility that the HC is or has tried to establish.

    That is the root of the problem and what needs to be fixed.

    If Spears thinks that, what other players on the team think the same thing?
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    That'll do it for the personal remarks fellas. Stop it before someone has to take a nap.
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    One man's unorthodox is another mans dysfunction.
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    It's not an uptight atmosphere, that stadium is one big pressure cooker with a 24 hour media frenzy. Always has been as far as I know.
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    Yeah I remember in my military days, one of my fellow soldiers said to me "you ever notice that when there's a good news the Captain delivers it but when it's bad news the First Sargent let's us know". The First Sargent didn't care much about what we thought of him he just told us what to do and expected us to do it, and we did. He may not have been well liked but he was well respected, imagine if you combined those two rolls what would you get? You'd get JJ, a person that needs to make the tough decisions and not care about what the players think but can't because he want to be the deliverer of good news (draft phone calls) and be liked by the players.
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    JJ has put together quite a good few teams you fans seem to forget.

    It isn't JJ's fault that the team hasn't produced to its level.

    The team with T.O was superbowl worthy. We got bounced by the SB winning Giants that year in a game we should of won.

    We have great talent set up by JJ as much as you all dislike the man.

    He builds a high level car that just can't seem to get it's wheels going like a high level car.
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    This is a great analogy. Yeah, Top was definitely the bad cop.

    In another branch I'd have the Commander stroll thru once a day almost everyday. He was a nice guy. His XO was not very nice to be nice.

    Jerry probably doesn't have time to micromanage a lot but I suspect he does it enough to be a problem here and there. But you can't have a boss that allows you to break the chain of command. I think it's fair to say Jerry is too hands on. He does get in the way of what he wants and we want. Probably not to the degree some here believe but he needs to NEVER interfere and he just can't do that as the GM.

    I'll never understand why he doesn't hire a GM. He can always drill the GM for his addiction without directly interfering. And no decent GM will let him jeopardize his job security by mucking it up. Parcells got it right in making Jerry stand down.

    But all the comments in the world will not change a thing because its Jerry's toy and he's not sharing it.
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    I'm terrible at darts. But every now and then I hit the bullseye.
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    When? Jimmy Johnson put together some amazing teams. Jerry has put together 18 years of mediocrity.

    He's in charge, he tells us that every chance he gets. Of course he's at fault.

    Maybe. Won't argue too much with you here. Defense was questionable though.

    Our top 10 players are as talented as any team in the league. Our bottom 30 or so players are awful and would rival Jacksonville and Oakland. Jeff Heath, Danny McCray, etc. Bad, bad players.

    John DeLorean says hello.
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    We share a planet with these people.
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    No I didn't call 8-8 the past three years ineptitude but is sure as hell isn't a winner. I pointed out that a GM generally gets that long to get a team in the right direction and if nothing is accomplished they are released. I can't help how you determined what I wrote, and what have you seen in the past 18 years that wasn't stumbling and bumbling, two playoff wins?! A few special teams drafts?! Trading away high draft picks for players that could have been had after being released or better yet not giving up the farm to get mediocre players?! How about giving out 1st round contracts to 4th round talent?! Here is a something, I'll turn on the flashlight in the daytime and bet you and your buddy Jerry still can't find the light to build a winner before five years is up. What do I have to be upset about? I haven't been affected by this team in over 5 years now, but I'll continue to be a fan until I decide I don't want to be but you can feel free to drink the Jim, err ahhh, Jerry Jones kool aid and settle for 8-8 till your lil hearts content bro.
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    That is the culture change Parcells talked about. The buck stops with the head coach when you're a player. In Dallas, it stops with the owner.

    Then fans blame the head coach for the ramifications of that.

    It's why I am so indifferent on Jason Garrett. He may or may not be a good coach. I would need to see him in another NFL city to know.
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    I've heard it all now...
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    they should have interviewed me..
    I would have told them the same things:D
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    Are you in Colorado or Washington?
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    There is a lot of hate towards Jerry in this thread, and to be honest, I don't hate the man, but I also don't like him at the same time, if that makes sense.

    However...and this is going to get me nailed big time,'s refreshing to note that the same posters that are bagging on Jerry for the following are in most cases the same ones that blame Romo for all these losses. Hate just to hate. Cowboys fans, so they say.

    Jerry was not responsible for the Chiefs to beat the Cowboys by one point.

    Jerry was not on the field when the Chargers beat the Cowboys.

    Jerry did not allow the Romo Int against the Broncos.

    Jerry did contribute to the defense that let the QB from the Lions to jump over the line for the winning TD.

    Jerry was not on the field while the Saints kicked some Cowboy butt.

    Jerry did not allow he Bears to kick the crap out of the Cowboys. The players need to do their jobs too.

    Jerry was not responsible for the Packers beating the Boyz by one point.

    Jerry was not on defense when the eagles won the division.

    Jerry did not allow the defense to get injuries from hell, or allow any other thing that happens ON THE FIELD during a game.

    Yes, Jerry hired the coaches and players. But, on the flip side of the coin, the players have to execute. If some posters would really just realize just how many games the Cowboys lost ON THEIR OWN....along with the stupid mistakes by the coaches, this team could have been better than 8-8.

    If Jerry would have not been alive last season and the team finished as they did, and you posters that blame all the losses on Jerry or Romo, now what?

    Who is the next on the list of hating YOUR team, The Dallas Cowboys?
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    Nice way to spin what actually happened. Can't compare collusion to trying to get players and coaches to speak out about the owner who has lots of pull. It's the old saying don't bite the hand that feeds you.
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    It depends on where he would go, as I think success is also predicated on what they have to work with. If it were a place like Baltimore, I think he would be successful but say a place like Jacksonville well not so much.
  20. Chris in Arizona

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    if Marcus Spears is disgruntled why isn't he badmouthing Baltimore who cut him after only a few months there?

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