Marcus spears on w/norm at 10:30 to talk dysfunction

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by theebs, Jan 22, 2014.

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    One way it is different in particular is after 3 years of ineptitude a GM is usually fired unless there are very unusual circumstances. We have witnessed 18 years of Jerry's bumbling and stumbling in the dark, he is just now getting around to finding a flashlight and can't seem to figure out how to turn it on.

    18 years and a major difference between this and successful organizations is they embrace change when they see it is needed, they make the tough decision when it is needed, they build teams properly and let the staff so their job.

    Difference being 18 years and this owner still won't fire his GM because he is hell bent on oroving everyone wrong no matter what the cost. He is going to die a miserable, and despised man if he doesn't make necessary changes before long. He may be rich and live the life we would all long for but it is clear he wants to be known as the architect of the or a Dallas Cowboys Dynasty and his happiness or self worth seems to be intimately entwined with that desire,right now he is Nero and all I hear are violins and Rome is burning down around him.
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    Two days after Garrett said they would look at a different returner, Jerry came out and defended Felix and said he should keep returning kicks. The next game Felix was out there returning kicks.
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    What's funny is jerry is essentially .500 for two decades now. In the age of parity he's found the blueprint for mediocrity.

    We all like dez, Tyron, lee, etc. but just simply having some good players doesn't mean anything, they give you a lot of picks and a lot of info is shared or consensus. So you're bound to hit on players. After how many fired coaches and coordinators who you yourself hired do you let your foot off the fans Chest.
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    Jimmy Johnson said something like "I don't believe in that treat me as a man stuff because if I let you do what you want then I won't get the best out of you".

    All I'm saying is that the football team is like a family where the coach is a father figure and what does that leave the players to be?
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    Yes sir, I am. I am also easily amused by delusions.
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    Me too.
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    I thought Romo got all the blame for the losses? I'm confused....
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    did you lose a sig bet?
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    Jerry's micromanagement of this group is the product we see on the field. Let's get that straight first and foremost, Jerry is a micromanager and that style of management doesn't work in the long term. 18 yrs of that has proved the theory. We can call that a fact now.

    I used to think that Garrett was making changes, but after 3 years of the same old, tired crap, it's obvious that this group of individuals have no direction whatsoever. The drafting is horribly inconsistent, and when you look at the Cowboys from an overall perspective, ask yourself what are they good at?

    Being dumb? Check.

    Underachieving? Check.

    Setting negative records in the history of the franchise? Check.

    These are all negative indicators of a poor team dynamics, and no one, to include the players, should be proud of that.

    Jerry desperately wants to prove people wrong that he can do it "his way" but the evidence is just too overwhelming.
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    This is the most negative post I've seen you post in some time. The lack of direction and foresight is what really bothers me.
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    This what Jerry said about his coach: “We all know the adage of the gold miner who walked away and the other one who took one more swing with the pick and found the gold streak, and so you don’t want to quit,” Jones said. He could very well had been talking about his GM too.
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    Yes sir, I did. have to keep this until after the Super Bowl.
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    8-8 the past three years and you call that ineptitude? '18 Years of bumbling and stumbling...' Exaggerate a little? I get it. You are upset. You demand a ring or a sacrificial lamb every Feb. If that is what you want, then perhaps you probably should get that flashlight and figure out how to turn it on to help you see the light and find a new team. :)
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    We don't know that JG didn't look at other guys and decide Felix was the best option still.

    Jerruh probably had a hand in it, but there's nothing concrete to prove it.
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    Keep swinging Jerry.

    You'll be in China soon.
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    And was it not Jerry who also stated he put in so much time TRAINING Garrett and did not want to abandoned him before the harvest?

    My personal opinion is there are some who will never acknowledge this truth about Jerry. The fact he has a hand in every decision and kicks the legs out from under his management staff makes each season more gloom than bloom.

    For some it is extremely difficult to be a fan of a team that is mired in mismanagement, with no real hope for a turn around except the improbable parity, anything can happen mindset. Hope cannot be abandoned by these people. No mindset change can take place where the fan uses his eyes and looks at the pieces and adds up success or failure

    I used to be a fan who every year hoped for success. It was this very site that I defended Jerry to the naysayers.

    Then as I got older, and began looking at the team and its construction, I stopped hoping for the one card in the deck that could make the team a winner. I began analyzing the team with a pro and con style and adding up the factors that either indicate success or failure.

    For four years I have been suggesting this is the same team it has been for most of the 18 years of sadness. And for four years they have lived down to what I thought they were.
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    Marcus Spears was an outstanding DL coming out.

    He was not a 3-4 DL..but he was inserted into that role like Ware..

    who was an undersized DE in college and moved to LBer.

    And Spears never competed with Ware's star quality.

    So I think Dallas really missed Spears by trying to convert him.

    They could really use him now..

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    Jerry: "Future, everything you see with a the Star on it you can best believe that I have my hands in it. That's from playing time decisions, the draft, free agency signings, hiring of coaches and everything else, I am the face of the Cowboys. This organization is built in my image, heck my son Stephen is right below me and my daughter handles the branding".

    Future: "I'm sorry Mr. Jones but I'm going to need something a little more concrete than that".

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    That's a new one, never heard that before.
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    Authority is not just undermined when a player goes around the coach to the owner. You also undermine authority when you prevent the head coach from deciding who calls plays, who the coordinators are going to be, etc. When everyone and their mother was calling for Felix Jones to be taken off kick returns, who was the person front and center saying Felix wold continue returning kicks? Jerry. You don't think that undermines Garrett's authority?
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