Mark Cuban says NFL will implode in 10 years

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Afigueroa22, Mar 24, 2014.

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  2. DandyDon1722

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    He's prone to hyperbole but his point about over saturation is valid. There just shouldn't be Thursday games outside of Thanksgiving.
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  3. SilverStarCowboy

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    Can't wait....back to normal would be awesome....but that will never happen.
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  4. BoysFan4ever

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    I wish Jerry was a pig farmer & far far away from this team. And take Mark with him.
  5. iceberg

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    i said this LONG ago. with the commish driving to be a bigger and bigger business he's killing off what built the it. can the NFL actually get a "new" audience? not in the US. people either watch or they don't and if things stay the same, as per any entertainment line, will walk away when it becomes boring.

    but mr cuban, i walked away from basketball long ago. i have no idea who your coach is cause you fire them as a strange hobby and honestly don't even know id dirk is still on the team. maybe you better watch your own house, dude.

    it's a lot like me trying to figure out local music and the next push. the next wave. you play too much people know they can see you tomorrow, so they'll skip a lot of shows. you don't play enough, they don't know you. while i think mr cuban has some passion around it, the NFL won't die in 10 years. habit alone will carry it on long past that. but is it dying?

    that's the question.
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  6. Super_Kazuya

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    You might want to sit down before hearing this, but they actually won the whole thing less than 3 years ago and their coach is the the 3rd or 4th longest tenured in the league. Go Mavs!
  7. DallasEast

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    ...and Dallas and Detroit should be the only hosts for those games.
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  8. bkight13

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    I don't think over-saturation is the problem. A lot more people don't work the traditional M-F 9-5 work week anymore. They will take the games when they can get them. It doesn't take a large market share to make money these days. And live sports are one of the last remaining ways to guarantee eyeballs for the commercial sponsors.

    The problem comes with all the rule changes and delays. Commercials dominate a 3 hour time window and all the replays and challenges don't help. The game will never be like the 70-90s again, but this fantasy/flag football they are running towards has already turned off a lot of older fans. The NFL feels we can be replaced with younger, more Madden friendly fans and women that don't love the violence and testosterone of the 'good ol days'. We'll see who is right.
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  9. Little Jr

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    I don't see the issue with thur games. Its 3 nights a week compared to two nights a week. I don't think 1 more day a week is too much. The only problem with the thur night games are sometimes they aren't very good. They stiil pulled in record numbers this year for Thursday night games so someone is watching.
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  10. 187beatdown

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    Mark Cuban says a lot of dumb ****. This is just another penny in the jar.
  11. 17yearsandcounting

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    Can Thursday night games really get any worse than MNF? MNF has been crap since it switched to ESPN. It used to be something I watched every week and now I dont even bother unless Dallas is playing.
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  12. Little Jr

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    I agree I'm not a Monday night fan either. But someone is watching. Nfl tv rating rise every year. I just don't see the issue with the 3 games a week. They just need to make the match ups better. Although sometimes that's hard to do especially later in the season when a game looks great before the season then game time you're watching a 2-8 team vs a 4-6 team. That's where SNF has the edge.
  13. Hoofbite

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    Many Sunday games are broadcasted only in local markets for poor teams. Something tells even a fraction of interested people across the nation is still more viewers than what a local market would provide.
  14. Reverend Conehead

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    I grew up loving football and loving playing the game and watching the pros play it. However, that's not a guarantee that that will be the case with future or even current generations. The thing that's risen my eyebrow the most is the whole concussion situation. If some scientists are right, it's nearly inevitable that men get brain damaged from playing football. I'm still not 100 percent convinced that they're right, but they could very well turn out to be. It breaks my heart what happened to Tony Dorsett, Junior Seau, and others. I never thought I would say this, but if I had a son, I would be hesitant to let him play football. In previous years, I would have been 100 percent behind his doing that, but not anymore. I at least have pause over such a thing when there are other sports he could play. Other parents may already be deadset against their sons playing. Over time, the love of the game may not be instilled in generations as it was with us, and other sports may increase in popularity.

    I don't think the sport will die in just one decade. I think if the NFL declines in popularity, it will take longer than that. Other things that were once mainstays that one could not imagine would go away have either gone away or greatly declined. It used to be that almost everyone knew how to ride a horse and would not be without one. All homes used to have landline phones. In 30 years the Super Bowl may be just a passing sideshow that not many people pay attention to and some other sport may have the nations attention. It may be a sport that hasn't been invented yet and that we old school men roll our eyes at.
  15. RS12

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    NFL trying double revenue within a decade, where do you think that comes from?
  16. agorr101

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    Doesn't the NBA have games on almost every day of the week.
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  17. khiladi

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    And a phenomenal coach.
  18. burmafrd

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    They will not know until after it happens and its too late to go back.
  19. 65fastback2plus2

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    Anyone who thinks a self made multi-billionaire doesnt know what he's talking about with a business is silly.

    While the timing might not be accurate...the premise is there: over-saturation. You see all these retail stores closing up locations? Yup. Same principle.

    Further, you're, at some point, going to change it to a point where you turn off your original audience.

    Thats the Commish and Owners problem: they are thinking about this like a publicly traded company. With a company on a stock market, to keep your company value up, the share owners demand to see a revenue growth plan.

    The nfl is basically a private some point, they need to realize they have a very good thing going on and need to focus on keeping and reattracting current and old fans vs. trying to find new fans.
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  20. yentl911

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    I don't know if the league will implode - I love the chance to see more games throughout the week on different days to be honest. I just love to watch football.

    My concern is all of the changes that are being put in place - slowly but surely the game is changing to something that might be vastly different than what we grew up watching - the game is perfect, it is not broke, please don't fix it until it is!

    Can't hit receivers, can't hit QB's (Unless it is Romo), can't block here, can't touch there, kick off from here, extra point from there.....I do not like the way the game is headed. It is a violent game played buy huge athletes. There will be injuries and people will suffer due to this. I knew going into football is a kid that I could get hurt but I played for 13 years - 9 years old through 4 years of college. I have have some war wounds but would not change anything for the world - the feeling of being on the field with 10 other warriors playing against 11 other warriors to see who is better, tougher, more resilient, etc... there is nothing like it is sports IMO.

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