Marlin Jackson vs Antrelle Rolle

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by Midswat, Oct 14, 2004.

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    Anyone more familiar than I am with both players that can give an honest assessment as to who is the better player?

    Also . . . which is the beter character player? I.E. more mature, more respectful, and not just a talented, cocky loudmouth potential malcontent?
  2. Midswat

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    Alright fellas . . . thanks for all your input . . .

    Lets go ahead and wrap this thread up with closing thoughts, mmmm'kay?
  3. dbair1967

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    I's take either on this team, although niether will make a difference as long as Zimmer runs the D and coaches the DB's

    both are outstanding talents, I need to see more of opinion right now is Rolle is the more gifted physical talent

    I think both guys have alot of skeletons in their closet off the field

  4. BrAinPaiNt

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    I think Rolle is the better talent...but he also is a bit of a cocky jerk as well.

    I also think that if they (miami and probably rolle as well) go against a team that they do not think has a chance to win (like lousiville thursday) they do not play up to 100%.

    Lousiville passed all night on the Canes and I only remember hearing Rolles name mentioned once in making a stop.
  5. Midswat

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    I don't know too much about either, other than what I've seen in games, but I'm no player scout.

    I like how Rolle is versatile, and how Coker uses him all over the field.

    But I know Jackson was considered an elite CB before he slumped off last year after being moved to safety . . . he's back at CB now I believe.
  6. trickblue

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    Rolle is a really nice player... as for Marlin Jackson... he and Tito just tagged along for the ride... everyone knows Michael was the real star of the Jackson 5...
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    ..nice board,joined to check up on Elmont New York's gift to the for Rolle...good kid,fine character,son of a Sheriff,active in the Coral Gables community, enjoyed the "and not just" reference....being talented,cocky and occasionally loudmouths have stood the Canes in good stead since I recall one of our more boisterous alums played wideout for the Cowboys...

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