Marquess Wilson targets coaches

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    Mike Leach in the news again...

    Marquess Wilson targets coaches

    Updated: November 10, 2012, 9:29 PM ET news services

    Just days after he was indefinitely suspended from the Washington State football team for violating unspecified team rules, star receiver Marquess Wilson announced Saturday he was leaving the Cougars.

    In the process, Wilson also blasted first-year coach Mike Leach and his staff, accusing them of "abuse" while saying his suspension was "an attempt by the athletic department to cover up what is really happening in that locker room"

    "This was going to be our year. My teammates and I were aspiring to be the winning team you deserve," Wilson issued in a statement to Cougar Nation, according to the Visalia (Calif.) Times-Delta. "Unfortunately for all, the new coaching staff has destroyed that endeavor.

    "I believe coaches have a chance to mold players, to shape men, to create greatness. However, the new regime of coaches has preferred to belittle, intimidate and humiliate us. This approach has obviously not been successful, and has put a dark shadow on this program."
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    is this an adopted son of Craig James?

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