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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Crown Royal, Aug 14, 2005.

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    Everyone on defense (and offense, for that matter) had better get this guy a pet kangaroo, a Yahoo Serious DVD (if they ever transferred them from VHS) or a Men at Work album for Christmas. I have a feeling he will be key in some close games, where field position is crucial. He has an amazing, AMAZING leg.

    In a very vanilla, boring game (way too much overreaction, BTW), he was a very exciting player to watch.
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    Latest crazes in the NFL:

    1) Trying to find the next Antonio Gates playing in the NCAA Tournament.

    2) Trying to convert big/mobile/inaccurate college QB's to WR's ala Bennett/Jones.

    3) Scouring Australian Rules Football for punters.

    Not sure if it was just due to the conditions in AZ or if BP was just letting McBriar kick away. Mentioned differing philosophies on punting with Dehaven. BP is a kick away guy and puts onus on coverage teams to go get the guy. Dehaven comes from the don't outkick the coverage school. Hang-time vs distance.
  3. Crown Royal

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    I heard that the other day, about differing philosophies. Parcells' definitely won the philosophical debate last night. Those were some monster kicks!

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    There are few sure things on this team, he is definately one of them.

    Here's to you McBriar...

    Enjoy :p:​
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    McBriar was the best thing about lastnight, then the next best was Crowder after that you could throw it all in the trash dumpster with the flys and the maggots because it stinks like garbage....the offensive line lost the game for us but the punter is the only thing that kept it close in the first place. 10 years of sucking really sucks and is very taxing on this fan.
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    McBriar may be the best at his position in the NFL that we have on on the roster and that included Roy.

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