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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by cowboysfan, Nov 25, 2006.

  1. cowboysfan

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    Just curious, was Baker selected while Payton was still in Dallas ? All the talk about Payton has a sharp eye for QB, it might be worth to check out. However, I read that Baker has played in Michigan and was from Houston Texans, sounded so familiar with Henson case.
  2. Fan Since 77

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    Why are you worried about quarterback? Don't you think we've fixed that problem?
  3. kidcrook

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    Look up Baker's UNC stats, or maybe try to locate some game film and you will realize he was brought in to take training camp snaps. Once Henson was cut there was no sense bringing in another player because a.) Drew Bledsoe doesn't get hurt and b.) Tony Romo was a solid #2.

    Plus training camp was just about over so bringing in another player, unless he was a project, like Henson, would have been pointless.

    Don't be surprised when Dallas picks up another QB this offseason...
  4. Yeagermeister

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    We will need a backup qb for next year. No harm in looking now.
  5. cowboysfan

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    Definitely no worries about QB at this moment. But just curious okay. Plus we would need to look for a good #2 next season, no way Drew will hang around with other teams looking for starting (even might be just for first 2-3 games). With lesson learned, QB takes quite abit of time to develop.
  6. tunahelper

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    I heard he was working with Chris Palmer for preparation of try outs.
    When we hired him he brought his name in the mix.
  7. cowboysfan

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    Make sense now since Palmer was from Texans. By the way, what's the background like for Palmer ? Was he connected with Parcells somehow ? Alot of pressure mounted on Palmer with the Carr's project.
  8. Hailmary

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    If he manages to stick around, he'll be running the scout team for a long, long, long time.

    As I understand it, he barely played at UNC. He sat and waited for his turn, but it never really came. And it's not like he had Leinart or V.Young in front of him either (which should say a lot).

    He's definitely years away from being even a backup (imo).
  9. Alexander

    Alexander What's it going to be then, eh?

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    That was Jeff Mroz, I believe.
  10. RCowboyFan

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    Baker didn't even sniff anything at Michigan, unless his team played there, which I think he never did.
  11. speedkilz88

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    When they picked Baker up off waivers, Parcells said that he was a guy that they had interest in signing as a rookie free agent. That they had him as draftable in the fifth round(I think) on their board, but he chose the Texans orginally.

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