Matt Kenseth Docked 50 Points

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by WPBCowboysFan, Apr 24, 2013.

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    So take the win away and give it to Kahne. :)
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    I have never understood the reasoning for letting a guy keep the win but take away points and cash, suspend people for cheating.

    If he cheated take the win away.

    There is still a reward for cheating if you get to keep the win, IMO.
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    I admittedly don’t watch racing too much or know a lot about it, but didn’t NASCAR get its start from country boys taking normal stock cars and modifying it to get extra performance out of it? I always thought racing crews were always trying different things to get the advantage over the others. Now it seems as if the cars are identical and there isn’t anything to distinguish one car from the next. When did NASCAR remove the individuality of the cars? It seems the history of NASCAR is being pushed aside and being replaced cookie cutter cars.

    What separates a Ford, from a Chevy, to a Toyota? As I said, I only have a faint passing knowledge of NASCAR.
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    This year Nascar tried to tried to the give the manufactures their own identities. Since the 80's the only way to tell which manufacture was which was by the stickers on the car.

    Nascar listened to the fans that wanted the cars to more resemble the cars that are available to the public like in the old days. The only problem with that is the cars today aren't near as cool as the muscle cars from the 60's and 70's.

    Now if they had corvettes, vipers and Ford GT's instead of fusions and camerys it would have been awesome and made them look like proper race cars but the manufactures went with the less cool but more produced passenger cars

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    Unfortunately, it aint been that way since Richard petty pulled up in the old '43 car.

    Sucks don't it?
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    Want a great read on one of the most notorious rule stretchers in racing history? Check out Smokey Yunick's "Best Damn Garage In Town".

    His black Pontiacs with gold trim twice claimed the Daytona 500, with Marvin Panch in 1961 and Daytona native Fireball Roberts in '62. Yunick's cars won four of the first eight Winston Cup races at Daytona International Speedway. Turning the clock back even further, Yunick was the chief mechanic for Herb Thomas, who won Winston Cup (then known as Strictly Stock) championships in 1951 and '53. According to the Stock Car Racing Encyclopedia, Yunick had 61 starts as a car owner, scoring eight career victories. He won more than 50 times as a crew chief, chief mechanic or engine builder. He scored 49 victories working with Thomas in the early 1950s. Yunick was especially fond of bending the NASCAR rule book. In 1968 during Speed Weeks, NASCAR officials pulled the gas tank out of his Pontiac after they thought his car was getting excessive fuel mileage. After passing a rigid inspection, Yunick got in the car-- with the gas tank lying on the ground -- fired it up and drove back to his space in the garage area, leaving NASCAR inspectors dumbfounded.
    "Smokey looked and saw where the NASCAR rule book wouldn't define something and he'd make his own improvisations," said Bobby Allison, who made a couple of starts in Yunick-prepared cars. "There's that gas tank story. The gas tank was the right size but he made the fuel line so it held a couple of gallons of gas. So he was able to drive away without the gas tank. I don't want to say he didn't step outside the lines, but he was really smart about those things."
    Racing was fun for Yunick.

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