News: Matt Mosley: Carter could postpone that Henson coronation

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Charles, May 6, 2004.

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    Matt Mosley: Carter could postpone that Henson coronation

    04:38 PM CDT on Thursday, May 6, 2004

    Cowboys starting quarterback Quincy Carter has kept a low profile this offseason. We’ve even heard more from third-string quarterback Tony Romo than Carter.

    And, of course, the coronation of Drew Henson as future starter occurred the day he was signed.

    The fact that Carter led the Cowboys to the playoffs now seems like old news. For whatever reason, it’s easier for fans to focus on Carter’s interception-to-touchdown ratio (21-17). Carter made a brief appearance at last week’s rookie minicamp, but he didn't take questions.

    Cowboys coach Bill Parcells listed several things on a note card for Carter to focus on this offseason. The first thing on the note card is a reminder for Carter to cut down on his interceptions. The next item on the list encourages Carter to increase his leg strength. And at first glance, Carter looks as if he has added 10 pounds.

    Adding leg strength would give Carter a stronger base to throw from. Last season, Carter was fairly efficient throwing downfield, but he didn’t appear to have the arm strength to consistently deliver accurate passes along the sideline.

    Some fans worried about what bringing in Henson would do to Carter’s psyche. But Parcells doesn’t worry about stepping on toes.

    He said last Friday that the best players he has coached have always said “bring’em on” in response to him signing additional players.

    Fans and the media have basically given Henson the starting job in 2005. But Parcells will have final say. By returning his team to the playoffs and throwing fewer interceptions, Carter could postpone Henson’s starting date.

    Rookie linemen used to the pros: Parcells said the fact that offensive tackle Jacob Rogers and guard Stephen Peterman played for former NFL coaches gives them a head start on other rookies. Rogers played under former New England head coach Pete Carroll at USC, and Peterman played at LSU under Nick Saban, the defensive coordinator at Cleveland from 1991-94.

    “I think that's a big advantage,” Parcells said. “I think some of the very best coaching is done in collegiate football today, and I can name two or three besides Pete Carroll and Nick Saban.”

    Is Woody winding down? The comment came almost in passing. Last Sunday, after Parcells spent 10 minutes discussing his summer plans, he suddenly brought a crowded room to attention with an off-handed remark about veteran safety Darren Woodson.

    Without prompting, Parcells said he hoped Woodson still had something left in his tank. A quick check of my media guide revealed that Woodson celebrated his 35th birthday two weeks ago.

    Even though he wasn’t a regular on the injury report, Woodson seemed to be wearing a bandage on a different area of his body each week last season.

    Woodson is one of those quiet leaders who you think will always be there. But as Parcells pointed out, his days may be numbered.

    That’s why it is curious the Cowboys didn’t spend at least one of their eight draft picks on a safety. Woodson’s backup, Tony Dixon, now in his fourth year, hasn’t shown anything to suggest that he’ll be the answer.

    And maybe that’s where rookie cornerback Bruce Thornton comes in. Last week, I shot down a fan’s e-mail suggesting that Thornton may be destined for safety.

    But I’ve changed my mind. At 5-11 and 195 pounds, Thornton is a little on the short side for free safety. But he can cover a lot of ground and appears to have good instincts.

    If Pete Hunter or a disgruntled NFL cornerback to be named works out, then it might be a good idea to take a look at Thornton at free safety.
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    Why wouldn't it be Hunter at FS and Thornton at CB?
    Either way we definitely need a ball hawking FS.
  3. jdnalls

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    Because from what I'm hearing we tried that experiment last year and it failed miserably.
  4. Rack Bauer

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    I never heard anything about us trying Hunter at FS last year. Not a single thing.

    That said, I think he's gone a ton of potential as a CB so I'd rather get him some playing time there first before trying him as a FS.
  5. Hiero

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    I havent heard anything personally but ive seen repeated posts about this originally when i made a thread asking about it.
  6. TheHustler

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    im glad carter is taking everything in stride.
  7. jem88

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    Darren Woodson should be in the Ring of Honor. The best strong safety for the past decade.
  8. DanteEXT

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    If Carter can postpone the Drew era, then I say that's great. That would mean we are winning games and he is playing very well.
  9. TwoDeep3

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    Yeah, Carter can postpone the Henson corronation.

    And Jennifer Aniston is leaving Brad Pitt for me.
  10. Hostile

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    You lucky dog.
  11. Chuck 54

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    That two-timing hussy...she was just over my place last night... :mad:
  12. Mr Cowboy

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    Pete has never played safety since joining the Cowboys. You maybe referring to him playing the slot after Ross went down with the knee injury. Hunter also had a broken forearm which prevented him from bumping the receiver on the line.

    The results of his early season play in the slot were disasterous, but he played pretty well later on, after his forearm healed.
  13. Hollywood Henderson

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    Your right Mr.Cowboys, Hunter never got a shot at playing his natural position...

    I am SO Glad we now have a coach in Parcells who seems to understand EVERY team in the NFL has a REAL FS...

    Campy clown & zimmy never figured that out...
  14. jdnalls

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    You're right. He hasn't played safety in a game but we did try him out at FS last offseason and the experiment failed miserable. Hence the reason why he hasn't played FS in a game.
  15. RCowboyFan

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    Nope, not true. From all indications, BP wanted him to stay at CB, when he was asked about prospect of Hunter playing FS, even before TC last year.

    Now, it have been tried in Pre-tC, in one of the Mini-Camps, but it was never reported in Media as far as I recall. All the speculation of Hunter moving to FS was just Fan speculation and some of media speculation.

    And as far as I know, it wasn't because expirement failed, but more like BP liked him as Corner. At least I never saw any report or aricle indicating that Hunter was really bad at FS. He was bad at Nickel Corner during the begining of the season as others have posted on this thread. But like reports have indicated, once Ross was gone, he did pick up really well towards end of season.
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    I'm gonna have to start smacking you folks around talking about my girl like that. [​IMG]
  17. Tsgt Hendricks

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    He was never tried at safety last season, not once. But that should be and is his natural playing position. It is where he played the remaining 3yrs in college, his first season he plyed corner and then moved to safety, that is where he caught the scouts eyes, his play at safety.
  18. Tsgt Hendricks

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    They never tried him at safety that is why you did not hear it.
  19. Tsgt Hendricks

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    Well, not only will it happen, but there will never be a coronation for henson.
    And as for Jenmnifer Anniston, leaving Brad Pitt for you, well all I can say is she is not much of a prize, so Brad just may be gald to lose her to you.
  20. Tsgt Hendricks

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    He was never tried at FS, I'm telling you this is fact. FS is his natural position, he would succeed there and he will if BP and Zimmer stop being stuck on having a big corner.

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