News: Matt Mosley: Cowboys put themselves in a corner

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Cowgal, May 20, 2004.

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    Matt Mosley: Cowboys put themselves in a corner
    04:27 PM CDT on Thursday, May 20, 2004

    Cowboys cornerback Pete Hunter was on the verge of being cut midway through the 2003 season. Now, he's penciled in as the starter.

    Cowboys coach Bill Parcells said Hunter has been one of the most improved players on the team this off-season. But most of his workouts don't include quarterbacks and receivers.

    Dallas remained on the sidelines as the top cornerbacks were snapped up two months ago. They also remained seated while the mediocre cornerbacks (see Mario Edwards and Bobby Taylor) were signed.

    Fourth-round pick Bruce Thornton may emerge as the leading challenger to Hunter.

    Coaches were surprised how far along he was during last month's rookie minicamp.

    The Cowboys haven't shown any interest in disgruntled cornerbacks Mike McKenzie (Green Bay) and Ty Law (New England). McKenzie, who received permission to visit other teams, is now on his fifth agent (Drew Rosenhaus) since entering the league in 1999. He's not happy with his contract or the shuffling of Packers defensive coaches. Green Bay responded by spending its first two draft picks on cornerbacks last month. The Patriots will let Law finish barking and then welcome him back to the fold.

    Larry Wansley, released by Tampa Bay last month, is another option. Wansley, a seventh-round pick in 2002, started six games last season and had two interceptions in a loss to Charlotte. But he's mainly remembered for getting torched by Peyton Manning during the Colt's 38-35 comeback victory over the Buccaneers on Monday Night Football.

    Miami's Terrell Buckley, an unrestricted free agent, would probably sign for less than $1 million. The downside to Buckley is that he's been in the league for 13 seasons and he's primarily become a nickel cornerback. The Cowboys already have a starting nickel in Donald Mitchell, who spent the 2003 season on injured reserve.

    The Cowboys will mostly likely depend on Hunter and Thornton to get them through the season. Just wait until Donovan McNabb feasts his eyes on that side of the field.

    Vinny's not a given: For the past couple of months, everyone has speculated that Parcells would bring in his former Jets quarterback, Vinny Testaverde, to play behind Quincy Carter.

    But remember, Parcells isn't the only head coach who has Testaverde's ear. Patriots coach Bill Belichick revived Testaverde's career when he was the head coach at Cleveland. Belichick dumped the wildly popular Bernie Kosar to make room for Testaverde.

    Berlin Thunder star Rohan Davey is tearing up NFL Europe, but Belichick may not be ready to make him the backup. And Damon Huard, an unrestricted free agent, probably won't be back.

    Testaverde would be a great tutor for Davey, and he would provide insurance for Tom Brady, who has 46 consecutive starts.

    Allen's on the run: According to his teammates, left guard Larry Allen has strictly worked on a running program at Valley Ranch since meeting with Parcells last week.

    Allen showed up to training camp last season out of condition, prompting Parcells to refer to him as "Secretariat." Even though that was a remarkable horse, Parcells didn't mean it as a compliment.

    Punter gets cut: Josh Boies, a 6-4, 225-pound free-agent punter out of Temple, has been released. That leaves Ryan Flinn and Mat McBriar as the only punters on the roster. Offensive tackle Jacob Rogers averaged over 40 yards per punt in high school and would likely be the emergency punter.

    If Rogers had been on the team last season, a fed-up Parcells may have given him an opportunity.
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    I am way pulling for Hunter, not just because I think the cupboard will be bare even after 1 June, but because the more good, young talent Bill Parcells can develop from deep in the draft, the better the Dallas Cowboys' investment in personnel. Hunter's contract is probably a very friendly one, and even if he has a superb season, or even seasons, what are the odds that he will demand an exorbitant deal? Players like Hunter and Q are the kids I would like to do well, because they not only are usually great guys in terms of character, but they are also the people responsible for the good cap situation that Dallas finds itself in.
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    This is the kind of news I want to hear!
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    Agree competely if hunter can come thru it will great ,the kid has all the ingrediants to be a corner, he needs to play to find out.Leave Overpaying for a mediocre to the skins. :D
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    I have never heard one person say Hunter was about to be cut until now... these reporters are just dumb.
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    Anywho, I was at the Giant game at the once point, Parcells was so disgusted with Hunter's play in the slot that he actually ran (sorta) up to him and grabbed him by the front of the jersey...he was red in the face from yelling at Hunter.

    Intesting little side note that wasn't on ABC.

    But that was early in the season. I have a feeling Parcells wouldn't waste that kind of energy on a guy unless he truly felt he was underachieving...
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    Let's hope he is one of the players who [GET'S IT]
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    That's a good thought about Parcells. I also hope he gets angry at players that he expects things from. I don't think he showed any emotion when he waived Keith Davis or Derek Ross. Makes me hope he sees something in Hunter.
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    yeah i thought hunter struggled early in the year but came on strong as the season ended.

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    I hope Hunter steps up too because he has the most potential and is the perfect complement to TNew with his size.

    Hunter started horrid last year but he had never been asked to try nickel until than and when he was called upon late in the season he was solid to better than that. He can run with just about any of these guys but he fell for a move as easily as any CB I have seen early last season. Lets hope he is more patient this year and makes plays when they are there to make.

    I have a hard time imagining Thornton as any type of CB after watching him get torced a few times in college. LSU ate him up.
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    I completely agree. Up until a couple of years ago I was enamoured with the big name free agents. After watching the failure of the Skins (Which I enjoyed immensely) with all of their big name acquisitions. I have learned that the best route is to sign lesser-known free agents, and build your team through youth development from the draft and undrafted free agents. This is why I appreciate Coach BP so much this approach only works for teams that have a good eye for talent and coaches who can "coach up" that talent. This allows teams to maintain a positive cap situation that allows you to add the one or two players that could put you over the top if necessary. It also ensures that you have a young aggressive team. Young talent always feels that they have something to prove especially lower round picks and undrafted FA's. With the right coaching you can harness that need to prove themselves as being worthy of a first day draft pick and making all the teams that passed on them pay. You can really maximize the talent that is on roster instead of replacing it with a bunch of has-beens looking for their last big payday. These types of players also tend to be team players and not me players. I have faith in the prospect of our young guys being able to move into the starting roll. Teams like New England and even the Eagles have proven that this is the best way to approach free agency.

    I also think that the restricted free agent is something that should be utilized a little more. From time-to-time a restricted free agent comes along who is worth giving up the draft picks because the upside of that player is a more known quantity than the potential draft pick.

    I think coach BP knew exactly what he was doing coming back to football in Dallas. America's team with an owner and GM who is willing to do anything it takes to win and is also knowledgeable enough about football to make good decisions. An owner who provides everything a team needs to succeed i.e. facilities, equipment, meeting all of a coach’s needs, etc. Coming to a team that had a lot of untapped talent that was primarily in need of the three C's - conditioning, coaching and confidence. Add to that an understanding of what it takes to build a dynasty style team in the age of free agency. When Coach BP leaves the Cowboys I think he will be most regarded for what he did in Dallas than what he did at his three previous stops.

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