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    Matt Mosley's minicamp report: Keyshawn rusty

    05:51 AM CDT on Tuesday, June 8, 2004

    By MATT MOSLEY / **************

    IRVING – Cowboys receiver Keyshawn Johnson is in midseason form – in the locker room. But during this week’s minicamp, he’s trying to shake off the rust that came from missing the final part of the season in Tampa Bay last season.

    Johnson can reel in more reporters than any other player, but he’s struggling to haul in routine passes. Parcells, who coached Johnson when he was with the New York Jets has been down this road before.

    “He needs work,” Parcells said. “He just needs to go play. He didn't play the last half of last year. Now he's eight months out of football.”

    Parcells and Johnson talk about just about every subject, including finances.

    “They can screw that up too,” Parcells said.

    A few years ago Parcells was concerned when he heard Johnson was opening a restaurant in Los Angeles. He told him how many athletes had lost money in the restaurant business, but Johnson went ahead with his plans.

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    Parcells and Johnson have already had several animated discussions during the minicamp. Other receivers, especially the free-agent rookies, rush back to the huddle after pass plays. Johnson may drop a ball and then spend a few moments hollering at himself.

    Some people assume that Parcells’ old-school ways wouldn’t be a good fit for brash players such as Johnson. But Parcells has had success with those types of players. And he will put up with a little lip as long as that player is producing.

    Parcells thinks his No. 1 defense can improve: Parcells said Monday that added depth in the defensive line and in the secondary would allow the Cowboys’ defense to improve.

    He also said the defense would have to cause more turnovers and rely less on the blitz. The addition of defensive end Marcellus Wiley should give the defense more of a pass rush. Parcells described Wiley as smart, fast and strong.

    The Professor has improved: Last season, Daleroy Stewart, nicknamed The Professor by Parcells for his scholarly beard, barely made the team as a backup defensive tackle. But on Monday, Parcells praised Stewart for his off-season work.

    “I mean this guy is ready to go,” Parcells said. “He is a different guy than what he was last year.”

    Stewart appears to be in much better shape and he actually worked with the first team some during the minicamp. Parcells said that players such as Stewart will allow him to rest defensive tackle La’Roi Glover, something that could prolong Glover’s career.

    Fight breaks out during team drills: Guard Andre Gurode and linebacker Bradie James got into a fight after a running play during Monday’s morning practice. Asked what he thought of the fight, Parcells said, “That wasn't a fight. You ever been in a fight? Did that look like a fight to you? That was a slight. One of them is scared and the other is glad of it. That was a little skirmish.”

    Bradie James said his helmet came off when he tried to throw a punch so he moved inside. He blamed Gurode for the fight, saying he gave him some “extracurricular” activity.

    Parcells considers keeping four quarterbacks: Parcells has never kept four quarterbacks on the 53-man roster during his career, but he’s willing to consider it this season. With Quincy Carter, Vinny Testaverde, Drew Henson, Tony Romo and Chad Hutchinson still on the roster, Parcells will have some tough decisions to make.

    “Would I, yeah,” Parcells said when asked about keeping four quarterbacks. If I thought there was some merit in that, yeah. I wouldn't really want to, but I would do it if I thought we had enough value there.”

    Briefly … Defensive end Eric Ogbogu has been standing up near the line of scrimmage in some schemes. Parcells talked about using former defensive end Ebenezer Ekuban as a hybrid player (linebacker and defensive end), but now it looks like Ogbogu could end up in that role … Receiver Randal Williams had permission to miss the minicamp because his mother is ill … Greg Ellis appeared to injure his left ankle while chasing running back ReShard Lee, but he eventually returned to practice … Parcells said his two punters in camp, Mat McBriar and Ryan Flinn, had both performed well…Nickel cornerback Donald Mitchell dived to break up a pass in the morning practice … Rookie cornerback Bruce Thornton broke up a short pass attempt to Keyshawn Johnson, prompting players to shout “BT.” … Receiver Cedric James out of TCU had two drops in the morning practice … Testaverde threw his third interception of the minicamp during team drills Monday morning … Linebacker Dat Nguyen flattened running back Erik Bickerstaff, who admitted that he was “too high on his feet.”

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    Is any coach funnier than Parcells?
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    he's got more one-liners than any coach ever
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    Defensive end Eric Ogbogu has been standing up near the line of scrimmage in some schemes. Parcells talked about using former defensive end Ebenezer Ekuban as a hybrid player (linebacker and defensive end), but now it looks like Ogbogu could end up in that role

  5. InmanRoshi

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    Well, there's our hybrid.
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    Julius Jones gets in some work in the morning session of the final day of the Cowboys' minicamp.

    Keyshawn Johnson and Vinny Testaverde leave the field smiling after the morning workout.

    Quarterback Drew Henson took part in his first veteran minicamp as a Cowboy.

    Vinny Testaverde goes through morning drills on the final day of the Cowboys' three-day minicamp.
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    Thanks for the post, it is so great to finally be reading some noteworthy information.

    Comments like the one about Daleroy Stewart get me so pumped thinking how this guy could still turn out to be a decent player for us.

    I'm also amazed at the number of different players that have been referenced in the past few weeks who reportedly came back in much better shape than ever, or added a lot of muscle mass. This is 100% Parcells driven and gives some good insight into why he's been so successful - he makes his guys stay in as good of shape as any team in the league.
  8. Charles

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    I agree. We could easily be arguing the merits of players on magazine covers ;)
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    one more time i am impressed with what i hear about our defensive line, hope it holds up to be what it appears it can be, to have a real pass rush other than a blitz package would be the best thing since sliced bread and charles haley............
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    Reading articles like this one really get me pumped up for Parcells' second season. I also believe that his emphasis on off-season training and conditioning is one of the main reasons why Parcells teams historically do much better in his second season as head coach. I mean this team is going to be ready to rock and roll this season. All this talk about having a better team with a worse record this year is BS. I admit it will be hard to improve on a 10-6 record but I think the Cowboys will get it done and win the NFC East.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    I don't know about that. I think that title has to go elsewhere. Bum Phillips comes to mind.
  12. da_boyz_mk

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    the guy that used to coach tampa bay in the late 70's had some good one's too. here's 2 of my favorites.

    "well we didn't block very well, but we made up for it by not tackling"

    when asked about his teams execution he said "well i'm in favor of it"
  13. Big D

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    Im right there with u! If we can get even the slightest bit of consistency out of the offense, we will be tough to beat.
  14. Tony D

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    That was John McKay, former coach at USC as well.
  15. notherbob

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    Hey QCard -

    That picture of Hutch in your signature reminds me of something from the comic strip "Shoe". Hutch isn't wearing roller skates is he?

    He kinda looks like an attacking stork, or something.

    Who knows? He may eventually become a pretty good QB, but, he's just not yet ready for prime time right now.

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    Nor's---go take a cold shower!

    A DE in a standup position on the line of scrimmage doesn't make it a 3-4.

    And it was Mosely that used the term "Hybrid".

    You haven't been a Cowboys fan for more than a couple years so you probably don't know that LB John Roper use to rush the passer from a stand-up position too. And that defense was not a 3-4. :D
  17. Nors

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    Who watched the Staubach led 4th quarter comeback against Brodie's 49ers early 70's. Amazing game.

    I was there watching the Pearson Hail Mary against Purple eaters. I saw it all from then on. Dorsett and Staubach in person at Meadowlands, saw the magic.

    Slander me as you feel you must but don't you dare question my Cowboy heritage Mikey. :mad:

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