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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Verdict, Nov 9, 2004.

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    Lol, If you made a mistake and they decided to keep you out of football for a year costing you millions of dollar I bet you'd be *****ing up a storm. The guy is a stud with a hell of a lot of potential. He is twice as good as that pansy Magahee who BTW is tearing up the turf in buffalo. We are all kicking ourselve on not getting randy moss because of his attitude. If we can have Keyshawn on our team we can have clarett on our team. JJ ad Parcells need to learn to controll these young kids. Thats the problem we have no talent, we have submissive little pussies for players because we dont want to have to make our coaches do their jobs.
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    1) Uhhh, yeah - losing a year at Ohio State cost him MILLIONS of dollars :rolleyes:, unless the Boosters have opened the floodgates he didn't lose anything, he was given an option by OSU - complete his courses and be a good student and he'd be back on the sidelines, instead he whizzed it away and like any idiot who doesn't grow up, finds a place to run away to - the NFL.

    2) What Maurice Clarrett did was not a mistake - it was a choice, what Mike Williams did was a mistake. And note he's acted like a man about it unlike this spoiled brat

    3) Maurice twice the runner McGahee is? Who are you trying to kid? He has the potential to be better than McGahee, but you know what they say about potential "It means you haven't done it yet". Straight runners like Clarrett don't have a long life in the NFL, but time will tell.

    4) I've never, NEVER, regretted not taking Moss. He was a hothead, failed a psychological exam given by the Cowboys (I remember Mickey saying that the results showed anger problems, mood swings and was too uncontrolable). Nevermind the fact that the majority of dudes who yell at Jerry for not taking him ignore the fact that Moss only succeeded because he fell to #22 (And thus had motivation to prove himself) and as soon as he was drafted Chris Carter grabbed him and told him he's going to Florida to train with him, "And oh - Randy, lose the dreadlocks! You're a Pro now". Everyone wants to assume had Randy showed up in Dallas at #8 he'd still be determined and maintained disclipline like he did in Minnesota.
    A) Everyone points to Dallas as missing out on Moss, what about Tennessee who took a WR (Kevin Dyson) with Moss on the board??? How about Cincinnatti who passed Moss twice!

    5) Check out the roster of New England, Seattle, Green Bay and Carolina - yeah, a bunch of "submissive little pussies" there eh? If you want out of control players then get rid of Tuna and bring back a puppet coach, hell, bring back Barry "Gunsmoke" Switzer, let's bring back those days with guns at the airport and coke bags in one hand while shaking a kids hand with another while telling him to "believe in the Lord"

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    IMO Players like moss are good for the game. They get fired up after being held or something to that effect. Just because parcells is old and submissive now doesnt mean we should just bring in his "Parcells Guys" whom are all submissive pussies. Lee cant play because he cant pickup the blitz? Nor can RA or EG pick it up any better then Lee. Thats a lame excuse he is trying to lose right now. Henson responds well to pressure yet he is not being played? Henson is an aikman type of rookie not a chad pennington type. Every game he is held out we lose experince that he should be gaining. Ravens Eagles or Bears. They are all NFL teams and he will stuggle regardless. Excuses for vinny are getting old.

    When Keyshawn is here and Vinny throws in INT oh it was Keyshawns fault! When quincy was here it didnt matter if Galloway or Glenn did a little dance and helped the reciever grab the ball (which they did on a few occasions *tipping the ball to a defender*) it was quincy this quincy that. The 41 year old needs to go and Parcells is to much of a calm old man now to do what needs to be done. He needs to grab his stones and do what needs to be done.


    And IMO Clarett IS and will BE 2x the runner of magahee...
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    Why do you hate Clarrett? Is it because he told the truth and exposed what many college football players keep silent about? I believe Clarrett is telling the truth. Even his rationale for revealing these details now versus in the past makes a lot of sense. At the time, he was playing for Ohio State, what player is going to come forth and rat his head coach and athletic director out? I understand why he didn't saying anything then; any player with common sense wouldn't have said anything either especially if your AD is standing there in the room. It's only when they betrayed him by suspending him did he decide to talk. I don't blame Clarrett at all.

    The people you should be upset with our Jim Tressel and the athletic director at Ohio State. The hypocrisy and the cover your *** schemes they did are embarrassing. Those guys are the reason Clarrett got into trouble in the first place. Clarrett just got caught and the Tressel and the AD tried to save their own butt by suspending Clarrett and playing dumb. Gee, thanks a lot coach.
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    For every Randy Moss who comes in with baggage, but sets the world on fire, there are 4 or 5 Lawrence Phillips-like players.

    Attitude does make a difference.

    His talent is not out of this world. It's just not.
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    "those guys are the reason Clarett got into trouble in the first place"...gimmee a f'in break...

    please, this kid is one of the alltime knuckleheaded boobs...he is a mediocre talent who thinks he is vastly better than he really is...he's been exposed for what he is and now is going out there and trying to ruin alot of other people...dont make excuses for why the kid is a LOSER, he is that way bececause he CHOSE to be one...I honestly hope the kid doesnt get drafted and never plays a down on the NFL, he doesnt deserve it


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