Mawae wonders why he was let go

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    Mawae wonders why he was let go


    March 7, 2006

    Kevin Mawae was disappointed but not surprised when he learned last week something he'd begun to suspect for some time: The Jets' rebuilding project would not include him.

    "I still believe that I'm probably the best guy on the market," Mawae said on a conference call with reporters yesterday, less than 24 hours after the Jets ended his eight-year run as their center.

    "I guess people look down on 35-year-old centers who make the Pro Bowl six times."

    Agent Mark Bartelstein said it didn't make any sense for Mawae to "go backwards" at this point in his career, a reference to the Jets' decision to start over on offense.

    "There's nothing more that I'd love than to retire as a New York Jet," Mawae said. "My name has been known in New York for quite some time and I've been successful here.

    " ... It's not about the money, but it's about winning a championship. From this point, I'm going to go to the team that gives me the best chance to win the Super Bowl."

    Bartelstein said several teams called yesterday with interest, and one is believed to be the Eagles.

    Mawae, regarded as the best center in the NFL for most of his time with the Jets, said he's fully recovered from the torn left triceps that ended his 2005 season.

    Though he said he has no regrets and isn't angry, it's telling that a player of Mawae's caliber had only vague conversations with coach Eric Mangini about his future.

    "We never talked about my contract," Mawae said. " ... He said he wants smart players willing to do the little things the right way. I thought I would be one of those guys, but I didn't fit in their plans."
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    Thats like if Jr Seau wondered why he was released....
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    He has to come out and say it though, if he went "I'm old and injury prone" - not to many teams would be calling him.
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    ... or LaRoi Glover wondering why he was released.

    Let's hope JJ doesn't go out and throw away another $10 mil in signing bonus money to a 35 year old player.
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    Kevin, you're 35 and the Jets have no money, and you make alot...

    that's what I would tell Kevin on a loudspeaker, from a few thousand feet away ;)
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    So he could be reunited with Parcells :D
  7. Ashwynn

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    :lmao2: :lmao2: :lmao2: :lmao2:
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    ...Or TO wondering why He's being released.:rolleyes:
  9. Bob Sacamano

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    ok, the joke was funny the 1st 2 tries...

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