May the Lions and Matt Millen.....

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by 5mics, Apr 24, 2005.

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    .....burn in Hades..... :mad:

    With that out of the way, there are still LOTS of very good players available to us w/ our 4th rounder! Here are who I like:

    1. Brandon Browner - CB/FS
    2. Chris Canty - DE/DT
    3. Sean Considine - FS
    4. Ciatrick Fason - RB
    5. Vincent Fuller - FS
    6. Fred Gibson - WR
    7. Anttaj Hawthorne - DT
    8. Cedric Houston - RB
    9. Chris Kemoeatu - OG
    10. Jerome Mathis - WR
    11. Lance Mitchell - ILB
    12. Jeremy Parquet - OL
    13. Antonio Perkins - CB
    14. Gerald Sensabaugh - S
    15. Claude Terrell - OG
    16. Ray Willis - OT

    So who would you take w/ our 4th? Me, I would go with.....

    I really like Antonio Perkins, especially because of what he could bring to us as a Return Specialist. Chris Canty, Ciatrick Fason, Lance Mitchell, and Ray Willis are all outstanding prospects. However, because we haven't been able to address the FS position yet, I hope we get lucky and have the opportunity to draft someone who represents both excellent value at this point in the draft and who would also fit our need. I would go for Sean Considine, FS, Iowa with our 4th rounder.....:cool:
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    Mike Tice should be happy... cuz thanks to Matt Millen, he isn't the dumbest coach or gm in football.

    I guess Tice should thank Millen and Dan Snyder. :D
  3. 5mics

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    Well actually, Millen taking MW proved to me that he really does have a clue, unfortunately for us..... :mad: Tice taking Troy Williamson and Snyder taking Carlos Rogers just maintains their "Stupid Coach/GM" title..... :)
  4. Rack Bauer

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    Actually, no, it was stupid. They have Roy Williams and Charles Rogers. Yes Rogers has been hurt, but it's too early to give up on him now. They should of taken Merriman, Pollack, or Ware.

    I think Williams is great, but he is overhyped. Millen listens to Kiper too much.
  5. BrAinPaiNt

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    I hear all the time about the people who say take the BPA...but when teams do it, even if it is not a need, people rag on them.

    Did anyone stop and think that since entering the leauge Rogers has been hurt and missed games in both seasons? Has there not be questions about R.Williams durability during his football career?

    They took the BPA, they get depth for two WRs that have known to get injured, they helped out their offense, they could have the best WR trio in the league, and they get a good POSSESSION WR or at worst a HB/TE.

    Personally I don't see why people rag on them so much.

    I remember when the Vikes had Jake and Cris at WR....but they Took Randy Moss....I remember when the Vikes had to just plug in any QB to make their offense run, but they took Dante in the first.

    I remember the Saints having Ricky Williams, but taking Deuce, I remember the Eagles having Taylor and Vincent, yet taking Sheldon and Brown.

    You take the BPA and try not to pass on what you think can be a great player.
  6. Juke99

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    I agree BP...BPA...

    If one of their WR's goes down (as has happened) this pick will look great..and if not... this pick sets them up to run some pretty awesome 3WR sets...if Harrington gets it together, that's one GOOD offense...

    Jerry talked of Ware, our first pick, being on the field 20-25 does that differ from what Williams will be doing?
  7. Rack Bauer

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    Any way you slice it, it was dumb for the Lions to draft Williams.
  8. jksmith269

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    Sorry I gotta disagree the Carlos Rogers and Troy Williamson picks were both solid picks for each team. Heck the Skins could have picked any 6 players and filled a need. Rogers was ranked among the highest and climbing.

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