Maybe be blame Jacksonville, Carolina for expecting Lightning in a bottle?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by BringBackThatOleTimeBoys, Mar 1, 2013.

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    Bear with me just a minute.

    Traditionally, an NFL team was built primarily by the draft - trades and free agents were the finishing touches. While this has not changed, free agentry has tempted some to change that formula.

    The conventional wisdom is it would take about five years to build a team for worst to first. That changed with the two expansion teams the Jacksonville Jaguars and Carolina Panthers - they both had decent 1st seasons in 1996, and made it to the conference championship in their second season. This raised the expectation that is was realistic to rebuild a team in two years. While possible, it's the exception and not realistic. I'd go so far as to say many teams that make a sharp turnaround probably were not that bad the prior year - just had injury, poor coaching, etc.

    That initial success of the Panthers/Jaguars has enabled hand-on owners to expect very quick turnarounds if they can't sellout, or like Al Davis trying to win more championship before they die. It was an anomaly - not a trend.
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    I don't agree with your theory. First, that was 18 years ago. Second, those franchises were also given extra draft picks, so they built teams through having lots of draft choices. In addition, they had more than just regular free agency. They were essentially given players by other teams.
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    I think the quick turnarounds are just a product of the FA and salary cap era and the poor level of play across the league. You used to have to build a very good to great team to contend. Now you just need to be decent.

    Still, it hasn't changed the fact that the draft is still the best way to build your team. That's one positive thing you can take from Stephen Jones' recent comments. He says the draft is vitally important every year regardless of what you can do in veteran free agency. He also says you take the best players, not the biggest needs. He's absolutely correct on that, IMO.
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    ^ my example may have flaws, but still think it encourages owners like Jerry Jones to believe they can be in the Super Bowl next season. I could also cite recent teams like the 2001 Patriots or the 2006 Saints having a bad previous season, then going deep....truth was they were better than they seemed.

    But I'll concede the help for the expansion teams in 1996 was generous.
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    All any organization can hope for is to be in the thick of it every year. By that, I don't mean just maing the playoffs, but being an organization that is considered a true SB contender.

    If you get in striking range enough, you will probably break through. I guess Buffalo and Minnesota from the past are exceptions.

    The Patriots, for example, are always in striking range. Though they haven't won a Super Bowl in a decade, they're always in the mix.
    Pittsburgh is sually in th ediscusion.
    The Giants are an inegma. They haven't made the playoffs 3 of the last 4 years, yet they went on a run the one year they did make it. They pretty much had the same pattern 4 years before then as well; not in at all or one and done...then boom.
    Baltimore has at least been in consideration for few years now too, but on a lesser level. yet they actually won one.

    It takes a lot fo good breaks (see Denver blowing it vs Baltimore or missed FGs in other years) to win it.

    Now San Francisco and Seattle may both be poised to be in the thick of it for awhile. We'll see.

    I guess we can dream that Dallas will someday be back in that mix too.

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