Maybe this is why Dak took the locker room from Romo?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, Jan 3, 2017.

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    Ellis has written articles critical of Romo in the past - Tony doesn't want to be buddies with this guy.
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    Multiple reporters have confirmed the same thing re: Romo's personality/leadership style. Unfortunately, we're at a point now where anything short of praising at the altar of Tony Romo is considered tabloid or fake news on here. Attack the messenger! Attack the messenger! Does Joes Ellis even work for the team anymore? Dak criticism is fair game on here but anything short of saying Romo is the greatest QB and human being is moved to the bushes. C'mon guys, tone down the sensitivity. These are observations reporters embedded with the team have made after seeing hours upon hours of Romo interaction with the team. To say he's an aloof and keeps a close circle is not an indictment on his character, it's just an observation of who he is behind the scenes. Dak is different. Dak interacts with everybody - on and off the field. His natural leadership is partly why the team rallied around him and backed the decision to keep him as starter. Not a peep was raised in support of Romo. If there was, the media would have exposed the rat and made it headline news for a week. Not. a. peep. I and others are willing to concede just about every on the field debate re: Romo vs. Dak...Romo is a better passer, can read defenses better, more accurate, etc....why can't we as a fanbase acknowledge Dak is the superior leader of men?
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    I don't know. You're a grown man, figure out your own priorities.
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    I'm a Dak fan and I have been longer than most. I also believe this is Dak's team now and no matter how he plays or Romo plays, I do not see that changing.

    I, and I am sure many other people here, am growing tired of fans who believe that if you don't praise their guy non-stop or you compliment the "other" guy, you obviously love the other guy and hate their guy. Whether that's Romo, Dak, Jerry, Garrett, or Dez is does not matter. Trying to rewrite history in an attempt to elevate someone you like is a common tactic these days. Romo has been a great player, person and leader for this team for many years. Now we have a new great player, person and leader of this team in Dak. I do not understand why people cannot simply be happy with what we have. You feel the need to insult, degrade, destroy and belittle anyone who is held in regards as if that has any effect on that player's standing on the team or placement on the depth chart.

    People did the same thing to Emmitt Smith on this very site toward the end of his time here. They bashed him, insulted him and accused him of caring nothing about the team. The moment he got the rushing record, there were fans saying, "Okay, now bench him and let's move on." Why? Because they had a new love child to fawn over. Just once, it would be nice to see one of our great veteran players go out with the appreciation and respect they deserve, when the supposed-next-great-thing at their position is already on the team.

    I'm not sure why this is so hard to understand, but just because some fans still like a veteran player does not mean the coaches are going to start him or even keep him on the team. Romo's been back several weeks and he had not played a snap until the final game that didn't matter. Then, in that game, he drove the team down the field and scored the only Cowboys touchdown. What happened next? Romo returned to the bench and that was it. The coaches have made their decision and even if they haven't, they are not listening to any of us.

    Seriously, stop making everything either-or. If your guy is starting, be thankful and happy about that and show some maturity and respect toward the other guy's player who is riding the bench, traded or released. Don't bash, insult or belittle them simply to make yourself feel better about your guy.
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    People are fickle and Josh Ellis' first tweet in the pic provides a standard example of the trait. However, he's got me curious but I don't follow Twitter.

    Ellis is a journalist. Professionally, journalists should feel compelled towards always providing information that corroborates claims they tell the public in all circumstances. He gets a pass from me for the first tweet (fickleness) but he makes a claim in his second tweet. Does Ellis substantiate his '95 percent of his teammates' claim in the tweets that follow? I'm assuming the tweets did not end at that point. Or did he hold fast with the casually unprofessional nature of Twitter and essentially pulled a random percentage out of his rectum that any reader should automatically accept without question simply because he said so?
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    First off, Romo has always put up a guard when media was around. TROY AIKMAN TOLD HIM TO DO THAT. Look at how much more personable Troy is now than when he was playing. Being QB of the Cowboys is like being shortstop of the Yankees, and Derek Jeter was dadgum "aloof".

    How chummy do you think Troy Aikman was in the locker room? Not in the least. Same for Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, and just about every notable QB in history not named Brett Farve. (Actually, Farve was distant to some, too.)

    Leaders aren't to be liked as much as they are respected. They're part player, part coach.
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    Over the years, certain reporters have been butt-hurt for not getting more personal time with Romo.
    Or in some cases, like whiney babies such as Tim Cowlishaw or Steve Dennis and few others, mad because he wouldn't take their provocative or condescending bait. Always taking jabs--subtle and not so subtle--at Romo and then expecting him to the be their best buddy.
    Week after week...year after year.

    Romo has plenty of scars--he has taken many thousands of lashes for this franchise on and off the field.
    It is a freakish miracle in self-control that he hasn't lashed back.

    It's so easy to be gracious outgoing and happy when you are the QB on a team that is winning. Dak flat out has it made so far. Good for him, because he seems like a good does Romo.

    I hope we don't have to see a period where the press piles on Dak...and then have to see how he handles it. It is in the total and complete honeymoon period right now. Total adoration...for good reason.
    With the pro bowl offensive line and RB, it's set up pretty good that his honeymoon could last awhile...especially the way he's playing.
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    So you're saying you'd be marshawn lynch? lol
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    fwiw, I'll say this.

    I know a guy that went to school with Tony (played on the defense at Eastern Illinois). I asked him how Tony was in person...and he said shy, reserved, didnt like to talk a lot, kinda of kept to himself.

    If you watch him in conversations on the field, sideline, talking with the media, actually can get a good sense that he is indeed like that. Its a personality...its who tony is and he isnt/cant really change that.

    I'd say Ellis is probably correct...but that he needs to sound less butt hurt about it.
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    But, but.. the team.. the chemistry. What a joke. Only the Dallas Cowboys FO & coaching staff can squander the best opportunity at a SB run in over 20 years by having the elite veteran on the bench and a rookie QB doing what any average QB could do behind this line. People and fans are loving it. Everyone loves the new toy, but let's see how it goes when the running lanes close, our defense gets exposed, and its Dak Vs Ryan/Rodgers/Manning/Brady.
  11. DallasEast

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    I wish someone asked Ellis if he thought Romo was shy among the media and other teammates. I may be wrong but I do not read his "politely disconnected" reference as an observation of Romo's assumed shyness. I think he's inferring something more intentionally disassociating on Romo's part.
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    It's perfectly okay if Tony is more of an's just how some of us are wired. That doesn't make him a bad teammate or leader.

    I could understand why Tony might be a little more reserved, even if he was prior to becoming the starting QB. He plays the most "under the microscope" position in all of professional sports, he's constantly talked about and can't go anywhere without someone coming up to him or getting his photo taken. I'm sure that kind of has a cumulative effect on someone's personality.
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    People always going to find dumb crap to support their dumb agendas instead of just being happy we seem to have our new Franchise QB.

    Some people seem to forget the years between Aikman and Romo that we had to go through and instead of being happy we got a good new future QB and our team is doing great....they gotta find a way to try and bring people down with some negative bull. The term Psychic Vampire comes to mind but maybe Debbie Downer is better cause no matter how good things might be...they gotta find something to try and bring it down.

    Good grief, this crap has gotten beyond old.
  14. BrAinPaiNt

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    I like it when fans from other teams troll this forum and give me a reason to bench them.
    Please continue trolling.
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    Okay to be aloof when you have won that Lombardi trophy.
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    Romo sure seems like an introvert and disengaged from his teammates during all of those team get togethers he has at his house from time to time.
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    Those player won!!
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    I always thought they were very similiar in all regards. Rodgers has the stronger arm and personality.
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    they problem that tony has is that he has never won a nfc championship game or went to the super bowl so everyone takes there shots that's just what they do if dak does not win in the playoffs it wont be long before the shots will start for him its easy when you win its a lot harder whenyou don't if the cowboys don't advance past this weekend there will be lots of doubt among the fans and media this is a huge opportunity for this team and its not a given that you will ever be in this situation again if they lose
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