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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by rathalarge, Dec 29, 2006.

  1. rathalarge

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    The RB for the Oregon Beavers (Sun Bowl) is nothing but the truth. If anyone else is watching, does he not remind you of Marion Barber III? Hair, build, running style. His name is Evanston Bernard, though I may have spelled his first name wrong. Anyone know of him?
  2. MONT17

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    nice... now lets watch as BP drafts a TE or an OLB that cant play OLB!!!
  3. Muhast

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    He doesnt play like Barber but he definately looks like him. He is extremely shifty, he makes GREAT cuts and is pretty quick. I believe they said he was a freshman also during the game, I could be wrong, but I know exactly who ur talkin about b/c I said the same thing.. "He looks just like mb!"
  4. windward

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    Yvenson Bernard. He's gonna be a player in the NFL one day
  5. Cowboykid90

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    hey windward..this is out of the topic but where did timmy chang end up??? his size is what i think kept him out of the nfl other than that he coulda been great!
  6. windward

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    Timmy's last stop in the NFL was with Philly in training camp. He had the third spot locked up IMO before the Eagles signe Aj Feeley. His arm imo is not NFL caliber imo. He might have a nice career if he wants in Canada or the Arena League.

    Colt Brennan on the other hand is being touted as a potential top ten pick in 2008, something no one ever said about Chang.
  7. bratchek

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    I go to school at OSU and have been watching him since Jackson left. He is a pretty good runner. Patient when he needs to be but can hit a hole hard. I've been around him in the bars and he isn't very big but I think that just makes him more shifty and powerful. He's a jr. this year so if he does come out it will be next year. I have seen him miss quite a few pass blocks but has time to improve. If you were watching today he catches the ball out of the backfeild well. Kinda reminds me of maybe a Westbrook type of guy in that sense.
  8. Biggems

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    Oregon is the Ducks..........Oregon St is the Beavers......

    I wonder how well he ran against USC in their win....i didnt know OSU had any running backs....I always hear about their WR corp and know they get a lot of recognition as a passing offense

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