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    Pass-rushers rule top of board

    Two elite cornerbacks go back-to-back; four offensive tackles in latest projection

    By Todd McShay

    The college all-star circuit has ended, the final first-round order is set and the NFL combine is rapidly approaching. So what better time to update our first-round projection?

    The top of Scouts Inc.'s latest mock draft is heavy on defensive players, with defenders occupying the top three spots on the board and seven of the top 10. A pair of elite defensive backs are off the board in consecutive spots in the top 10, which also includes a pair of underclassman quarterback prospects.

    There are some new faces in this projection, too, including an under-the-radar offensive lineman and an impressive defensive lineman from a program not known for producing top pro prospects.

    Things likely will change significantly as the combine and the rest of the pre-draft process unfold, but this is how we see things playing out based on what we've seen on film and the buzz we're hearing from around the league.

    1) Carolina Panthers
    Record: 2-14

    Da'Quan Bowers, DE, Clemson*

    The Andrew Luck dream has long since ended, and it's time to deal with the reality of the situation. Trading out is a long shot, 2010 second-round pick Jimmy Clausen does not appear to be the long-term answer at quarterback and although Blaine Gabbert is the premier quarterback in this year's class, Gabbert is no Luck. Auburn DT Nick Fairley is an option, but I believe that Bowers is the better choice. He is a power rusher with the tools to develop into a Julius Peppers-type impact player.


    2)Denver Broncos
    Record: 4-12

    Nick Fairley, DT, Auburn*

    The Broncos are likely to transition to a four-man front under new head coach John Fox and defensive coordinator Dennis Allen. They finished last in the NFL with 23 sacks last season, so upgrading the pass rush is a major priority. Bowers would be a possibility if available and Alabama's Marcell Dareus makes sense, but Fairley's specialty is wreaking havoc in opposing backfields (24 tackles for loss, 11.5 sacks in 2010), and he has the elite tools to become an every-down impact player as an under tackle in a 4-3 front.


    3) Buffalo Bills
    Record: 4-12

    Von Miller, OLB, Texas A&M

    The Bills have no shortage of needs. Left tackle is a priority, but the 2011 class doesn't offer a surefire top-five pick. The team is also likely to draft a quarterback, but it should do so on Day 2, when a legitimate backup to Ryan Fitzpatrick (and potential future starter) can be found. The Bills also need help along the defensive front, and Miller makes sense because he's a versatile playmaker. Miller can play sideline to sideline versus the run, and he's at his best when turned loose off the edge as a pass-rusher.


    4) Cincinnati Bengals
    Record: 4-12

    A.J. Green, WR, Georgia*

    Using a top-10 pick on a wide receiver is rarely a wise move, but Green is special. Many wideouts are big and fast, but Green's route-running savvy, toughness, body control and ball skills set him apart from most college wideouts. The Bengals also have needs at defensive end (and could select North Carolina's Robert Quinn), middle linebacker (what's Dhani Jones' future?) and quarterback. (Is it time to draft Carson Palmer's replacement?)


    5) Arizona Cardinals
    Record: 5-11

    Blaine Gabbert, QB, Missouri

    The Cardinals have needs at guard, right tackle, tight end, 3-4 outside linebacker and cornerback, but none is bigger than their need at quarterback. Gabbert is still a work in progress, but he's the most complete signal-caller in this class. His accuracy is far better than his statistics indicate, he has the arm strength to drive the ball vertically (which is what the Cardinals want in their starting quarterback) and he has the work ethic and football intelligence to quickly emerge as a solid starter.


    9) Dallas Cowboys
    Record: 6-10

    J.J. Watt, DE, Wisconsin*

    The team's most pressing need is for a 5-technique (DE) in its 3-4 scheme. The Cowboys are also aging along the offensive line and need some depth/future starters at inside linebacker and safety. Dallas would have a tough call in this scenario but Watt will continue to fly up boards because of his versatility and nonstop motor. Watt is capable of making an immediate impact on all three downs as a rookie. Finding a player like Watt to generate inside pressure would be a great complement to OLB DeMarcus Ware's edge rushing ability.

    Todd McShay is the director of college scouting for Scouts Inc. He has been evaluating prospects for the NFL draft since 1998. Scouts Inc.'s Steve Muench and Kevin Weidl also contributed to this report.

    Follow Todd McShay on Twitter: @McShay13
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    worst mock ever
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    Watt is a great prospect but not at number 9. He reminds me too much of Roth who can be had in free agency. I firmly believe that if Peterson falls to 7 or 8 we move up to get him. Von Miller at 3 and Solder at 13 are also crazy.
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    Amazing that this dude gets so much TV time.
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    I really like Watt; the kid has a motor, but not at #9. Not for a DE. Especially since we won't be playing a 1-gap 3-4 anymore either.
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    How does he keep a job?
  7. baj1dallas

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    I think Watt will get a top 10-12 grade when all is said and done. He's way underrated on this board because he's not a sexy name.
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    JJ Watt is freak. 20 TFL, 8-10 sacks, 9 PBU's

    I'm not sure 9 is the right spot for him.

    Is he going to be Seymour/Aaron Smith?

    Or is he going to be the big kid from Virginia that STL drafted top 5 that ended up in WAS?

    If I had to call it right now I would say that Gabbert/Newton go ahead of us which will push someone else down the board to us (Peterson).

    There are 4-5 teams ahead of us that are starving at QB.
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    I like Watt in the 20's. At 9 gimme Quinn, Jordan, or Smith.
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    I saw J.J. Watt play a bit with Wisconsin last season and yes he does have a very high motor, I wouldn't want him with the #9 pick but rest assured if he's there in the mid-late teens, or early twenties he will be a Patriot, I just see Belichick going after him.

    As for McShay, I don't know how he came up with the idea that Watt will be the guy the Cowboys target at #9, there will be alot of options there at the Cowboys spot if they were to draft Watt at the ninth pick I won't be too happy about it.
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    The white guys are always described as having a "motor."
  12. ringmaster

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    :laugh2: I'll say a player has a high motor of any color Marcell Daerus comes to mind of being a high motor player as well but not worth a top 10 pick imo the same applies to J.J. Watt just because I say that about them doesn't mean they won't be good players in the NFL.

    Tedy Bruschi is another player that comes to mind when he was coming out of college being labeled a "high motor" guy that alot of people believed would good player but nothing spectacular we both know how he turned out.

    I say a high motor is a guy who wants to be the best player that he can be regardless and at the end of the day those are the type of players I won't meaning that alot of them can be had later in the draft.
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    Not true. Quinn and Cam Jordan are being described as high motor guys.

    Our own Jay Ratliff is high motor as well.
  14. HoleInTheRoof

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    I didn't say that the high motor label was exclusive to whitey. I'm just saying that EVERY white player is described as having a high motor.
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    You are referring to Adam Carreker, who played at Nebraska. Chris Long played at Virginia. But yes, both were selected in the top seven of the draft. As for Watts, I would like to see him in Dallas after a trade down(value).
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    The same things was said about Spencer coming out of Purdue in 2007.
  17. ringmaster

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    Well I wouldn't say that I hear every prognosticator call only white players high motor guys this is a new one to me.
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    I hope not. Dallas can't afford to move up in the draft. They need every pick they can get in this draft and in future drafts.
  19. CATCH17

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    Im a high motor poster.
  20. The Realist

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    Bobby Carpenter?

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