Mean Mt. Goat - Kills Hiker

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    Mountain Goat Gores Hiker to Death in Washington

    (Oct. 18) -- A notoriously aggressive mountain goat attacked and killed a hiker in Washington's Olympic National Park.

    Robert Boardman was picnicking Saturday at an overlook with his wife, Susan Chadd, and a friend, Pat Willits, when the goat appeared, according to the Peninsula Daily News. Boardman, 63, told his companions to move back down the trail while he tried to scare off the animal.

    Instead, the goat charged Boardman, goring him in the leg with one of its horns. When Chadd and Willits heard him yell, they returned to the scene to find the goat guarding his body.

    "The mountain goat was terribly aggressive," Jessica Baccus, an acquaintance of Boardman's who was also hiking the trail at the time, told The Seattle Times. "It wouldn't move. It stared us down."

    Her husband, Bill Baccus, is a scientist at the park and immediately radioed for help. Three people then spread out across the slope and tried to shoo the animal away by yelling and throwing rocks at it. After about 15 minutes, it finally retreated. But by then, Boardman had been lying there for approximately an hour and no longer had a pulse.

    Jessica Baccus began administering CPR, and 20 minutes later a Coast Guard helicopter airlifted Boardman out of the park and took him to the Olympic Medical Center in Port Angeles, where he was pronounced dead.

    Park rangers later shot and killed the goat, and a necropsy will be performed on the animal's body to test for disease.

    Rangers have been tracking about eight of the 300 mountain goats that live in the park -- including this one -- because they had been acting aggressively toward hikers lately, either by not moving out of the way when people approached or by following them.

    In an attempt to condition the goats to stay away from humans, rangers have shot bean bags and non-lethal firecrackers at them in the past, The Seattle Times notes.
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    Question for the experienced outdoors people. Instead of a gun for protection against wild animals, can you carry defensive aids? I am thinking of tasers or Paint ball guns, mace. I just wonder why people who go into these wilderness don't carry an array of defensive weapons.
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    A taser probably isn't going to take down a 600-1,000lbs male black bear. It might scare him enough to back off, but black bears can be extremely aggressive. Brown bears are larger, (can get to 1,700+ lbs) but not quite as aggressive. (No way it's taking down a large brown bear)

    You can scare off some animals with a paint ball gun, but probably not ones that are displaying aggression towards you. You would probably have more luck with an air horn than a paint ball gun.

    If something got close enough to spray mace at, it is way to damn close in the first place. Mace is not the answer.

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